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Before Muffin and Squeaker were born, I did a lot of fiction writing to counterbalance the technical writing I do for a living (I used to say that I took up fiction writing because I forgot how to write anything but short, declarative, action-verb sentences, numbered steps, and bulleted lists). I started with fanfic (at the time, West Wing fandom) and then branched out into original fiction, not really looking back to the fanfic.

And then I was pregnant and couldn't focus on fiction writing due to pregnancy brain. And then the girls were born and I found myself with infants that took up all of my braincells. But now the girls are three-and-a-half years old, and I find myself reading in a new fandom -- Glee. And ever since the most recent new episode, I've been writing fanfic again.

So if and when I finish this story/these stories (I can't figure out if it's two sides of the same coin or two separate but connected stories; clearly in my mind they take place in the same time and place), I will figure out where to post it/them.

And I will likely return to original fiction again once the girls consistently let me sleep... so approximately when they're 18.
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