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That rush of fear at the sudden realization that you've contradicted yourself between the main story you're writing and the outtake you've written to get it out of your brain but that doesn't fit into the main story, and then the relief you feel when you realize that no one other than a trusted friend has seen either piece yet.
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...for Caffrey-Burke Day.

Title: She Observes the Affairs of Her Household and Does Not Eat the Bread of Idleness
Author: Nomi
Rating: G
Spoilers: None whatsoever
Warnings: None, aside than for much Talmudic geekery
Word count: ~900
Beta: None. I'm flying by the seat of my pants skirt on this one
Notes: Written for Caffrey-Burke Day 2013. Thanks to [ profile] rabidchild for coming up with the observance in honor of the debut of "White Collar" on 23 October 2009. This is a sequel to my effort from last year, "A Value Beyond Pearls."

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[Poll #1928792]
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Is there anyone out there who meets the following criteria:

1. Knows "Sports Night" well enough to beta a fic based on it.
2. Knows "Glee" well enough to beta a fic based on it.
3. Is willing to beta a ~2100-word story

I've been having a lot of trouble finding someone who fits both 1 and 2. If you are that person, I would really appreciate your help.
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To post unbeta'ed or not to post unbeta'ed, that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler online to suffer the slings and arrows of snarky comments
Or to take arms against a sea of unnecessary commas
And through Track Comments end them?

(a ponderance as I approach what I believe is the end of this thing I'm writing.)
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A question that was randomly bouncing around my head recently: when did RPF/RPS become something people wrote? I don't remember it being a big thing in the fandoms I was active in when fandoms mostly hung out on USENET. And up until (probably) the time period of the beginnings of the UPN/WB/CW fandoms, I don't remember it having such a presence in the fandom landscape. Part of my brain thinks it may have started in earnest when bandom became a thing, but I may be totally making that up.

Anyone have any more specific memories?
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So I've got this story, and I'd like someone other than me to take a look at it to see if it's something I should keep working on. The person looking at the story should fit most if not all of the following criteria:

-- Familiar with "Glee" (specifically Klaine) and caught up through the end of season 4
-- Familiar with "Sports Night"
-- At least passingly familiar with sports-related current events
-- Has GoogleDrive

The story is currently ~600 words. I'm not looking for a beta per se; I'm looking for someone to say "Yeah, you should continue" or "No, [personal profile] gnomi. You've clearly been under the influence of something if you thought this was a good idea."

Interested? Let me know.
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Pondering writing a Jason Collins-related Sports Night/Glee crossover fic.

(Chose this icon over my also-[personal profile] celli-created "writer" icon.)
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This? Is not the "Glee" fic I mentioned working on in my last post. This, instead, is totally a reaction to the most recent episode aired.

Posted at my Tumblr. Headers below:

Title: Through Time and Space
Author: gnomi
Fandom: Glee
Rating: G
Spoilers: Through Season 4 Episode 15, "Girls (and Boys) On Film"
Warnings: None
Word count: ~1000
Beta: None. I'm flying by the seat of my pants on this one.
Notes: This story wouldn't leave me alone. So I'm inflicting it on the world. Also contains possible spoilers for Doctor Who (2005) through the middle of Series 7.
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...I give you "Essays I Would Love to Write But Probably Never Will":

-- Is it slash if it's canon?
-- Jewish characters singing religious Christmas carols
-- Glee: What's Up with That? (myriad topics under this umbrella)
-- How "Argo" would be different if the event took place today
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It’s been two weeks since our last The Brookline Parent column, “The Mommy Blogging Question,” was published, and we’re sad to have to tell our friends and fans that it’ll probably be the last column for a while. Brookline Patch has decided to go in a new direction, one that doesn’t include our bi-weekly parenting column.

We’d like to thank Neal Simpson, Grahame Turner, and Nate Homan, the three Brookline Patch editors with whom we worked, for their stewardship of our work. We’d particularly like to thank Neal, for suggesting the column in the first place all the way back in 2010 and giving us a chance to try our hand at it. Although we’re both writers and editors, writing a parenting column wasn’t something either of us had tried before. We’d like to think that it was a success, and from everything our readers have told us, it was.

We’d also like to remind our readers that our 60 columns, covering two years in the lives of Muffin and Squeaker, are still published on the Brookline Patch site for the world to enjoy. From time to time, if something reminds us of a column we wrote, we’ll be sure to link to it.

We are hoping that this won’t be the final parenting column that we write. At the moment, we’ve been exploring other options for our column, looking for a paying media outlet interested in our ruminations as the parents of twins. (And we’ve been thinking of writing a book.) That said, if you know of any newspaper or website interesting in running a column by us on raising twins, feel free to point them in our direction.
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We will now indulge in a bit of meta, as in this week's The Brookline Parent column on BrooklinePatch [personal profile] mabfan discusses "mommy blogging" and the pros and cons of writing publicly on the Internet about one's children. Click to read The Mommy Blogging Question.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, I take a look back at how things have changed for our kids since the beginning of 2012. Muffin and Squeaker have grown and matured in a variety of ways, and some of those ways might not be what you'd expect.

Go read My, How We've Grown to see, well, how they've grown.
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In the wake of last week's news out of Newtown, CT, [personal profile] mabfan and I use this week's The Brookline Parent column to write an open letter to Muffin and Squeaker. Click to read Dear Muffin and Squeaker.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column on Brookline Patch, [personal profile] mabfan discusses Brookline Town Meeting's recent votes to ban polystyrene cups and plastic grocery bags. What is the connection between these votes and Muffin and Squeaker? Read Roots in the Future to find out. And if you're a fan of either "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon" or "Babylon 5," there's a little bonus for you.
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Our latest The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch was supposed to run on last Friday as usual, but due to a production error, it ran on Saturday instead and has just been re-featured this morning. So for those of you who missed it...

I wrote a column that definitely lives up to the name The Brookline Parent, as I talk about the fun we had entertaining the kids in Brookline last Sunday (November 18). Come to think of it, we took the kids around Brookline a lot this past Thanksgiving weekend as well...

Go read A Grand Day Out to learn how we entertained Muffin and Squeaker locally.
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Last week, [ profile] mabfan asked friends online if he and I should take Muffin and Squeaker to the polls with us on Election Day, and everyone came back with a resounding YES to the idea. So, in this week's The Brookline Parent column on Brookline Patch, he discusses how it went, but he also takes the long view of continuing the family tradition of voting. If you'd like to find out both how he has a family connection to a former presidential candidate, and what happens when a preschooler tantrums on the way to the polls, check it out. Click to read Voting as Family Tradition.
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This week in The Brookline Parent, I discuss a recent incident in which Muffin appeared to feel bullied at school. This wasn't something [personal profile] mabfan and I were quite expecting to have to deal with at such a young age, but we thought it might be helpful to others if we talked about what happened and how we dealt with it. Also, Muffin herself asked us to write this week's column about it. Click to read Shutting Down the Bully Pulpit.
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So, on 23 October 2009, "White Collar" debuted. And so [ profile] rabidchild67 thought it might be nice to have a fanworks fest in honor of Caffrey-Burke Day. I hadn't planned to contribute, since my production of fanworks has been significantly curtailed recently. However, there was a news story that tickled my brain, and then this came along. So, I give you...

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