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Weren't we just talking about this?
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For some reason, when I saw the teaser on the news this morning for this story, I immediately thought of the two of you.

(The "story" is actually just a bad transcript of the associated video. I highly recommend you play the video for the full... uh... picture.)

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::doot-doot-doot, doot-do-do!::

I'm home, I'm sitting at my desk here at home, downloading e-mail.

I will not be able to catch up with anything posted since, say, Wednesday last.

Please let me know if there's anything I should know.

I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend. ::waves to and hugs all the new folks I met::

Highlights of the trip forthcoming... after some much-needed rest.

[personal profile] cbpotts, I found the note you left by my eyeglasses. I'll pass the idea along, if you wish me to.
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I'm going to be in the city on 7 March and will be (potentially) looking for folks with whom to have dinner that evening. Anyone want to join me at some as-yet-to-be-determined kosher dining establishment at some as-yet-undetermined time?

My only constraint (other than the kosher thing) is that I'm catching an early-in-the-morning New Jersey Transit train the next morning (so I figure I'm going to have to head to the subway about 6:00 AM to get to Penn to get to NJ), so I'd rather an earlier dinner (meeting, say, before 7) than a later dinner.

(alternatively, I'll be arriving that day around 12:15 PM, so if folks wish to meet for lunch, that might be doable, though unless I go to Queens first I'll have my luggage with me.)
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(Every time I type that subject line, I end up with a song from "The Simpsons" running through my head. My brain is an odd place.)

Today has been a day of many visitors. It has been wonderful to see everyone who has come by; I just wish the circumstances were different.

I played about six rounds of Refrigerator Tetris today (I think I got that phrase from [personal profile] chaos_wrangler or Spouse-of-[personal profile] chaos_wrangler). People have been amazingly generous.

Today, while [personal profile] mabfan was at his doctor's appointment (unreschedulable, thus allowable even during shiva), I went briefly into the office to finish up the work I had for the release that was scheduled for today. And then I brought my computer in to our friends the Apple repair folk, as my hard drive needs replacement. I'm using [personal profile] mabfan's computer to post this.

Amidst all the goings-on here at Chez Burstein, we're getting a new stove. Ours has exhibited an inability to come up to temperature in the extreme hot of the summer, and when we returned from New York on Monday we discovered that it has the same problem in the extreme cold of the winter (for this post, the definition of "extreme heat" is 80 degrees or above and "extreme cold" is 30 degrees or below. Yeah, not so much extremes. Thus the new stove). So it was decided that it was better to replace it than to repair it. The new stove is scheduled to be delivered some time tomorrow morning.

Sekrit message to [personal profile] eal and [profile] beths_stanley: I keep forgetting to tell you -- it got here, and I'm looking forward to using it.

Sekrit message to [profile] donovanstitch: Thanks so much for that which you sent! I'm looking forward to delving into it!

Shacharit folks come at 7 AM tomorrow (as they have been all week), so to bed I must go. Thank you all again for all your kind messages. They've been very comforting.
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The yahoos of PublishAmerica are at it again.

Remember Atlanta Nights by Travis Tea? Now read Crack of Death by Sharla Tann!

Thanks to [profile] kradical for the link.
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-- Hey, [profile] tru2myart! I'm clearly joining you in Post-Ho-ness today! :-)

-- I got e-mail purporting to be from Edward Rutledge. I wonder if he's looking for molasses or rum.

-- To anyone of whom [personal profile] mabfan or I took a photo last Saturday night: please give me an e-mail address (send it to my LJ e-mail address) to send copies to, should you want them.

-- If you are reading this post, I can now report that the new update screen works with Safari on Tiger (OS 10.4.8), though I've heard reports it doesn't work with other versions of Safari.

-- I believe this is the first time I've done two rambly bits posts in one day.

-- I know I had something else to say, but it's fallen out of my head. If it comes back, I'll add it here.
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-- [personal profile] squashed! Thanks so much for the package! Penguin! Yay! :-)

-- This year, we get two instances of Shabbat Chanukah, but no Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Chanukah. This means I need 9 (1 for the first night, 8 for the last) extra-long candles, but we don't have a three-Torah Shabbat.

-- When I rule the universe, I'm going to impose a rule that people are not allowed to use communal microwaves for stinky fish.

-- The man who coined the term Superbowl has died.

-- I got through all of last night's chopping and cooking without injury (a rarity for me)... and then promptly gave myself a rather deep papercut on the edge of a page of a book.

-- I hereby declare that I am not [personal profile] eal's sockpuppet and [personal profile] eal is not my sockpuppet, either. We just share a brain.
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Oxford University Press is releasing Brave New Words in November.

From the OUP website:
Brave New Words covers the shared language of science fiction, as well as the vocabulary of science fiction criticism and its fans--those terms that are used by many authors in multiple settings. Words coined in science fiction have become part of the vocabulary of any number of subcultures and endeavors, from comics, to neo-paganism, to aerospace, to computers, to environmentalism, to zine culture. This is the first book to document this vocabulary transfer. Not just a useful reference and an entertaining browse, this book also documents the enduring legacy of science fiction writers and fans.

[personal profile] mabfan and I have already preordered ours. This should come as a surprise to...noone.
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Is this something you'd be interested in doing?

Just trying to connect friends with opportunities. :-)

Hey, [personal profile] arib!

Aug. 15th, 2005 03:34 pm
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Vendyl Jones claims he was misquoted by Arutz Sheva.

So no melty-faces this year.
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Hey, guess what just came on the radio?

"Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"

I'm sitting here, grinning, and chair dancing. :-)

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