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If you are a registered voter in the United States, please go out and vote today. I am not going to tell you which side to vote for, who to choose, but I encourage you to go and exercise your franchise.

[personal profile] mabfan and I took our franchise out for a walk around the block this morning, and we were voters #200 and 201 at 8:20 AM.

Massachusetts has three statewide ballot questions (and some areas have more than that); has links to the questions and explanations. Not sure where to vote? Check Where Do I Vote MA (which I tend to pronounce as "Where do I vote, Ma?" as if [profile] lcmlc knows where my polling place is).

Democrat or Republican, Green Party or Dance Party, I don't care. Go vote.

(and this is the most patriotic icon I appear to have)
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There will be a flyover by the Blue Angels (Navy fighter planes) this afternoon sometime around 1:30-2 PM.

ETA: Flyover canceled due to fog and rain and other weather stuff.
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(or should that be "Hooray, hooray, the eleventh of May; new postal rates begin today"?)

The new pricing list is here.

For most people, the two that will have the most impact are:

-- First ounce first-class postage: 44 cents (was 42 cents)

-- Standard-size postcard postage: 28 cents (was, I believe, 26 cents)
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So, the last of the fall Jewish holidays has come to an end. I was offline from Monday afternoon through about an hour ago. I'm not going to be able to catch up with my friends list, alas. So please tell me if there's anything important that I should see.

We had some lovely meals with some wonderful hosts, and we spent a lot of time in synagogue (especially today).

And while I enjoy the holidays, I'm looking very forward to having complete weeks again.
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So, I'm back from yom tov and not going to be able to catch up (I haven't really looked at LJ since Sunday, so I'm at about skip = 900). Please let me know here if there's anything I should see.

Meanwhile, our Sukkot has gotten off to a (mostly) good start. [personal profile] mabfan and I have been guests in some lovely sukkot, hosted by lovely folks from our community. The weather (until today) has been gorgeous. We had a brief hiccup yesterday with [personal profile] mabfan not being well, but he's feeling better today and on we go.
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Tonight starts the holiday of Sukkot. I will be offline from tonight until Wednesday night.

For everyone who is celebrating, chag sameach!

For everyone else, have a great couple of days!
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...and it's not going to improve much until the last week of October. Jewish holidays are in the middle of the week this year (in order: Tues-Wed, Thurs, Tues-Wed, Tues-Wed), plus there's this legal holiday next week, plus my regular away-ness for Shabbat. So, yeah. Not much time to post. I'll be doing the end-of-NYC-trip reports as soon as I have time.

So I will end off here with one brief anecdote from yesterday. As we were leaving shul for the (two hour!) break between mussaf and mincha, [profile] reporteraliza and I saw a guy running *toward* shul carrying a container of salt. He appeared to be in quite a rush. [profile] reporteraliza and I briefly speculated on what sort of emergency might require a quick application of salt, but we didn't come up with anything (my best suggestion was sad cow missing its salt lick).
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G'mar chatimah tovah -- may you be sealed for a good year.

I'll be offline until Friday morning (most likely). For everyone fasting tomorrow, have an easy fast.
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[personal profile] mabfan and I are back from our long weekend in New York.

Here are some *very* brief, context-free highlights, with more to follow:

-- Wonderful friends
-- Wonderful show
-- Cheek-smooches from not one but two Tony Award nominees
-- Meeting other celebrities becoming an also-ran event
-- Radon or elephant?
-- Touring companies
-- Nappity-nap, don't take yak!
-- New York is Book Country
-- Scientologist pirates?
-- More fleishigs than I've eaten in a month

I'm not going to be able to catch up with my friends list, so please let me know if there's anything I need to know.
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[personal profile] mabfan and I are leaving early-early tomorrow morning (OK, not *that* early-early; our cab comes at 6:15 AM) for NYC, and we're not taking our computers. I will be reachable on my cell phone (if you have the number) or via e-mail at gnomi [at] sff [dot] net (because I can get my e-mail on my phone, but it'll be sporadic) in case of wild penguin attack or other emergency.

I'll do birthdays when I get back; if your birthday is between 18 and 21 September, take this as an early "happy birthday," and the real greeting will be slightly belated.

Have a wonderful weekend all. Leave me a note here if there's anything you especially want me to see, as I will not be able to catch up after four days offline.

::hugs:: for everyone
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Ian Randal Strock, who among other things is the author of the upcoming Random House book The Presidental Book of Lists: From Most to Least, Elected to Rejected, Worst to Cursed—Fascinating Facts About Our Chief Executives, has started a blog devoted to a discussion of US Presidents, Vice Presidents, their families, elections, and things relating to them.

[personal profile] mabfan and I are fascinated by presidential trivia and history, and the blog looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Check it out at (or [profile] uspresidents).
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Our connection seems to be down today.

Please send me e-mail if you need me.
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The MBTA is busing between Kendall Square and Park St. stations on the Red Line this morning due to a disabled train on the Longfellow Bridge.

Please allow extra time, as they're turning trains around at Kendall and holding trains at Harvard and Central to allow for the turnaround time.

I arrived at Harvard station this morning at 7:15 and got to work at 7:45. This is usually a 10-minute trip at most.
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[personal profile] saxikath is organizing a knitting and crocheting project to make hats for young cancer patients.

More information here in [personal profile] mabfan's journal.
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Just so folks know: There is currently a manhole fire raging in Harvard Square, right near the Holyoke Center.

At the moment, they're still letting people out at Harvard on the Red Line, but this may change.

Buses are being diverted.

More info as I have it.
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As of yesterday/this morning, there is construction going on in Harvard Square that affects bus routes. The advisory only lists the 66 as being affected, but I saw the 86 also taking an alternate route this morning, and I cannot imagine that they are the only buses being rerouted.

The bus driver on my 66 this morning said that the rerouting would be in effect for the next 8 weeks. From what I experienced this morning, my main advice is to leave extra time if possible.
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...Please to remember that this weekend is the Head of the Charles. Consider traffic (both car and foot) around the Charles River and respond accordingly.

I, personally, am taking the Red and Green lines home from work tomorrow rather than the 66 bus, as the 66 crosses the river at JFK St. (I figure my morning commute won't be disrupted, but my afternoon one is likely to be affected.)
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-- As some have noted, "Narf" is always an appropriate response to questions asked here.

-- I have a new rule: Never chat and knit. I was knitting a froggie hat while in a chat last night and kept losing track of my stitch count (or lost the opportunity to say something because the discussion went too fast for me to finish the stitch I was working on and then comment).

-- Our Sunday very quickly went from "We've got nothing scheudled" to "we're going to be running around like crazed monkeys." This is the way of Sundays.

-- Speaking of Sunday, for those of you in Massachusetts, tomorrow and Sunday are the Tax-Free Holiday in the state. No state sales tax for items under $2500. Details here.

-- My running iTunes in "Shuffle" mode last night resulted in a run of about 10 songs from the 80s in a row. I'm not sure what iTunes was trying to tell me.

-- The Reduced Shakespeare Company hath a podcast. It's consistently very funny.
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LJ is offering a 3-day extension to paid members who put in a claim. This is to compensate for last week's downtime due to the power outage.

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