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The holiday of Shavuot starts tonight. We have been counting the Omer since the second night of Pesach (Passover), seven weeks ago.

There's a concept in Judaism of Gematria, which involves the assigning of numerical values to letters of the Hebrew alphabet. A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the 33rd day of the Omer, known as Lag B'Omer because the Hebrew letter Lamed (the "l" of "lag") is assigned the value of 30 and Gimel (the "g" of "lag") is assigned the value of 3.

Well, [personal profile] batyatoon reminded me that the 49th day of the Omer -- today -- has an interesting letter combination. Mem is assigned the value of 40. Tet is assigned the value of 9. Thus, the 49th day of the Omer is...
Wait for it... )

(Also this means I'll be offline tomorrow and Thursday for Shavuot. Have a good couple of days, all!)
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About a month and a half ago, [personal profile] tsuki_no_bara shared a very geeky knitting pattern with me. I realized upon seeing the pattern that I had the *perfect* parents-to-be for whom to knit it. And tonight it (and some additional pieces) was delivered to the parents and the new baby.

So now I can share:Large photos back here )
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Entertainment Weekly does a Picture of the Day feature, and today's is spoilery for the 11 September episode of "White Collar."
Stuck back here because of spoilery-ness. )
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::points to icon::

Today is the thirty-third day of the Omer. Thus, I bring the following:

-- Counting the Omer

-- Lag B'Omer (today)

-- Matt B'Omer )
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Seen and photographed near the Old State House during my lunchtime walk:

Paul Revere Buys a Hot Dog
Paul Revere Buys a Hot Dog

(Click to enlarge the photo.)
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-- Another "I"m not sure this is the labeling you want" photo:

Cider Vinegar: Ideal for Food!
Cider Vinegar: Ideal for Food!

-- A coworker of mine does rock climbing as a hobby. He did a presentation at a lunch-and-learn a while ago about the climbing, and in the midst of it he mentioned how wonderful merino wool is. Since I am currently working in merino (Debbie Bliss Merino Aran, for those who understand what that means) (I'm making gloves that I will post about as soon as I have more than just my one prototype glove), I showed him what merino looks like in ball form (rather than in clothing form). And it made me wonder how frequently people find the juncture between knitters and rock climbers, conversationwise. (It's probably pretty frequent, given the interest both have in quality fabric production.)

-- As discussion of this year's early (11 March 2012) Hugo nomination deadline heats up, I've been seeing a lot of references to "Hugo nom deadline." This made me wonder if it was the deadline for chomping on Hugos. (Om nom nom!)

-- Blechy, rainy weather today. Blech. Still beats snow.

-- Cool video seen on the ABE Books blog: Dancing Books (link to YouTube video)

-- Squeaker decided my outfit today, having rejected the outfit I'd originally laid out. Mind you, this was *my* clothing, not *hers*.

-- Muffin was ill earlier this week, but she's doing fine now. Moral of the story? Muffin should eat blueberries more deliberately and with forethought.

-- There are still two slots available in the handcrafts meme I posted a couple of days ago.
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-- Not that I'm complaining, but what's up with the weather? It's been in the 60s all week.

-- Food that identifies itself in quotation marks concerns me. (I took the picture below in my office a couple of weeks ago.)

-- [ profile] mabfan typed something into a text message that was supposed to be an interjection. Autocorrect changed it to "Krasnodar!" I have now adopted this as a new interjection

-- Today I am murdering trees in the name of scienceaccuracy. I need to check old screen shots against new screen shots and replace the ones that need replacing. Since I already took a bunch of new ones for book A, and I need to replace the ones in book B, it's easiest if I print both books (each under 50 pages) and then go page by page and find the newer versions in book A. I feel bad about the tree deaths, but it's either that or make my eyesight even worse by peering closely at the screen all day.
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After I found the sign I posted yesterday, I posted a clean copy of the notification in my cube. It got a couple of giggles from coworkers (which is part of why I posted it; the other part is that it makes *me* smile). But it was mostly unremarked during the day. It looked like this this morning:

Before Meeting
Before Meeting

I had an 11:00 meeting this morning, for which I was away from my desk for less than 30 minutes. This is what I found when I came back:

After Meeting
After Meeting

One would think I would've at least heard the oncoming velociraptor, no?

(I take this to mean that my coworkers are the type not to look at me as nuts for hanging such a thing.)
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As I was putting my challah dough together (it's Thursday night, which around here sometimes means the baking of challah), I noticed this flashy new declaration on the sugar bag:

Oh, Sugar!
Oh, Sugar!

C12H22O11 without the carbon? Neat trick!
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Photo ©2010 Nomi S. Burstein. Permission to copy is expressly denied.

(Thanks to [personal profile] mabfan for the title.)

(Sorry for the earlier version of this post; I was testing PixelPipe and didn't realize I had posted the photo twice here)
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In honor of the BBC broadcasting the Doctor Who episode "Time of the Angels" this weekend, we present:

The Babies Have the Phone Box!

The Babies Have the Phone Box!
The Babies Have the Phone Box!
Photo copyright ©2010 by Michael A. Burstein. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce.

(Note the TARDIS keys....)
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All of us here at the Burstein household – especially Muffin and Squeaker – wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Muffin and Squeaker say Happy Thanksgiving! Muffin and Squeaker say Happy Thanksgiving!
Photo ©2009 by Michael A. Burstein. Do not copy. All rights reserved.

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Among the things we did this past Sunday, [personal profile] mabfan and I went out to my parents' to use their back yard as a backdrop for the author photo for I Remember the Future. I took about 10-15 photos, and then we went through them to choose the one we liked best.

In the end, we settled on this one: Hiding behind this cut )

However, had there not been one that we liked, it was OK, because we always had this one in reserve: Alternative Lurking Back Here )
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Having learned in October 2006 what Felix Gaeta was up to after his service on the Galactica... behind here )

I learned that a certain young girl got involved in similar workaday matters after leaving her library:
Spoilers for Forest of the Dead? )
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I set out on Monday to do the prep work for a sweater I plan to make for myself, and my first step was to knit a gauge swatch (I don't swatch for all projects, only the ones where gauge actually matters). But using the needles and yarn recommended by the pattern (a pattern, I note, from the company that produces said yarn), I could not get the swatch to come out at the correct gauge (my gauge was too tight). As I have a track record, as long as I'm using bamboo or other wooden needles, getting gauge on the first shot, this was frustrating. So, using the same yarn, I pulled out the next size up of needle and tried again. And, again, I had too many stitches to the inch.

To add a complication, the yarn I bought for my sweater is black, so I was having a hard time counting stitches. So on Tuesday, I went out and bought identical yarn in a different color, and last night I resolved to keep trying until I found the combination that will give me gauge.

Eh, it keeps me off the street at night )

So here's the thing. The ball band on the yarn says 18 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches. So why does the pattern say 16 inches and 32 rows = 4 in inches using the same #8 needle. I'm glad I figured out the combination I need to get gauge, but it would help if the yarn and the pattern didn't contradict each other so wildly.
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I'm honestly not sure what planet/time-space coordinates they went to, but...

The Doctors Have a New Friend )

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