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I am a regular listener to the Reduced Shakespeare Company's podcast. Every episode ends with Austin Tichenor reading out the credits, which includes a Random Fan Shout-Out. The RSC says:
Every week on the RSC Podcast, we give a shout-out to an RSC fan whose name is plucked at random from our lists of Reduced Reader subscribers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, iTunes reviewers, and subscribers to our YouTube channel. Sometimes, they’re the names of fans we’ve actually (gasp!) met in person!

A couple of months ago I sent the guys of the RSC e-mail about something that I cannot remember right this minute but that was relevant. And that apparently put me into the mix. Because there I was, sitting on the T this morning listening to the end of podcast #283, and I hear Austin say "Our Random Fan Shout-Out this week goes to [my first and last names, pronounced correctly]. No reason, it's just random."

So there you have it. Random Fan Shout-Out is totally random. But it definitely got me paying attention, rather than tuning out the credits after hearing Matthew Croke's fake title (this episode, Jungian).
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(which was yesterday)

A question:

Can one buy a helmet at Kohl's?

(For those too young to remember, Helmut Kohl.)


Aug. 18th, 2010 11:53 am
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::runs in, panting::

Quick update:

Life good, but busy.

Babies remain adorable. Muffin and Squeaker even more self-mobile. Walking in very near future. Squeaker could daily eat her weight in tomatoes and be a very happy Squeaker. Muffin thinks all food is good.

Reading a bunch of books right now. Recommended: A City So Grand by Stephen Puleo.

Thinking lots of thinky thoughts that I then end up not having time to post about. See above re Muffin and Squeaker.

Store told me to keep the rosemary.

I'm reading here every day, but posting is sporadic still. I miss you all!

::runs out::
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I present Things that Make Me Happy Today:

-- The existence of a sewing kit in my desk drawer at work to resew the button that came off my rain coat this morning
-- The rain seems to be letting up, at least for a bit
-- [personal profile] mabfan's Town Meeting win yesterday
-- Progress made yesterday on a knitting project
-- Discovering that Boston fans are not the weirdest fans in the US (thanks to a friend's locked post for the link)
-- Dinner that is already made
-- Long-standing friends with mazal-tov-worthy news

So... What makes *you* happy today?
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-- New icon courtesy of [personal profile] lanning. I just couldn't resist the adorable mousie with his adorable teddy bear.

-- A thought question: Who would steal a bottle of hand lotion, a pair of scissors, and a small bag of chocolate off my desk at work but leave the stuff that's actually worth money?

-- Yesterday on the bus in the morning, I saw a young lady take up four seats all by herself (one for herself, one for her feet, and one each for her two bags).

-- The word is "supposedly," not "supposably." Please make a note of it.

-- When did it become assumed that if *you* bump into *me*, I'm the one expected to apologize?

-- [personal profile] mabfan and I have wonderful friends who are generous with their time and their resources.

-- Knitting while commuting is much more difficult when my fingers are encased in my gloves.

-- A book I originally ordered in September 2007 has *finally* shipped and should arrive today or tomorrow. This makes me happy, as it's a book I've been quite eager to read.

-- There's a radio ad (for some government program) in which I know the voiceover voice, but I just can't place it. It bugs me every time I hear the ad.
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-- Winter-qua-winter is still a good month off, but today definitely feels like winter. Daytime highs in the mid-30s F, a good stiff wind making it feel like it's 8 degrees outside. Time to dig out the leggings, I do believe.

-- Introducing people who know each other: [personal profile] magid, re-meet [profile] autotruezone.

-- [personal profile] mabfan has Town Meeting this week, so I'm fending for myself most evenings. I've gotten random stuff done and writing (just a tad; I desperately need to do more) done, but mostly I have been knitting. And last night I spent a lovely chunk of time with [personal profile] lucretia_borgia.

-- I've been doing a Fawn Hall on a whole slew of old paperwork that we'd just never gotten around to getting rid of. Tell me, do I really need seven years ago's tracking forms of freelance projects that are now long over? I say no, so into the shredder they go.

-- For those of you in the general Brookline-Brighton-Allston area who may not have heard, the Barnes and Noble in Coolidge Corner is leaving. I see this as a complication, not only because we'll be down one bookstore but also because the B&N and Brookline Booksmith have developed something of a symbiotic relationship, with the Booksmith carrying more of the small press and indy press stuff and the B&N carrying the more mainstream stuff that Booksmith doesn't have shelf space for.
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...and it's not going to improve much until the last week of October. Jewish holidays are in the middle of the week this year (in order: Tues-Wed, Thurs, Tues-Wed, Tues-Wed), plus there's this legal holiday next week, plus my regular away-ness for Shabbat. So, yeah. Not much time to post. I'll be doing the end-of-NYC-trip reports as soon as I have time.

So I will end off here with one brief anecdote from yesterday. As we were leaving shul for the (two hour!) break between mussaf and mincha, [profile] reporteraliza and I saw a guy running *toward* shul carrying a container of salt. He appeared to be in quite a rush. [profile] reporteraliza and I briefly speculated on what sort of emergency might require a quick application of salt, but we didn't come up with anything (my best suggestion was sad cow missing its salt lick).
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For those of you who remember Cow Parade Boston and MooTour 2006, I now bring you New Hampshire Moose Parade.

Unlike the cows, who were, for the most part, located within a relatively small area, the Moose appear to be all over the state of New Hampshire, making anything approaching a MooseTour not at all feasible. But there are photos on the website.

Thanks to [personal profile] mabfan for the link, who got it from a friend's locked post.
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When the disclaimer footer of someone's e-mail is more than twice as long as the message itself.

For some reason, this amuses me no end.

What randomly makes you giggle?
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...that have been running around my head:

1. Dear Rabbi LJ, can I wear a new tichel on Shabbat during the three weeks?

2. Dear Miss LJ Manners, is there any polite way to tell a total stranger on the subway that his fly is down?
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It's sunny _____________________.
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-- You can now go on a moose safari in Maine.

[personal profile] mabfan and I went and saw "A Jihad for Love" and then attended the Q&A thereafter with the producer and director. I enjoyed the film, but I'm still processing my thoughts about it.

-- Random "I hadn't made the connection before" moment from yesterday: The actor who played the "real" Captain Jack Harkness in "Captain Jack Harkness" (Torchwood series 1 episode 12) is the same guy who gets a plug at the end of every Reduced Shakespeare Company podcast.

-- New TV shows with which I have become enamored: "The Middleman" and "In Plain Sight."

-- Returning shows the premiers of which I am anxiously anticipating: "Psych," "Eureka," "Stargate: Atlantis," "Burn Notice."

-- Now that it's summer, and with a vengeance, I've been looking for cooler and cooler (temperature-wise) ways to cover my hair. I've settled, for now, on tichels (head scarves), digging out the collection of scarves I picked up in Israel almost 20 years ago. But now I want to get more scarves. Because I like variety. :-) And [personal profile] mabfan and I have this desire to wear matching tie (his) and scarf (mine) to shul. So I'm now looking for, among other things, a scarf with Superman shields on it.

-- For those for whom this is relevant, tomorrow and Friday are Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.

-- I cannot turn off the editing part of my brain. This was brought into stark relief on Shabbat when the rabbi said that the pit into which Korach's followers fell was created "on the first Friday of creation." I leaned over and said to my friend (whose sister-in-law, to whom I had not yet been introduced, was sitting between us), "Hang on… the first Friday of creation? Wasn't there only one?" Immediately, the s-i-l knew that either (a) I am a language pedant, (b) I'm a bit nuts, or both.
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The next few days look like this:

-- Tonight: Shabbat prep after work (including cooking I blew off last night), then collapse into Shabbat

-- Tomorrow: Shabbat. D'var torah in the afternoon (yes, I figured it out. Yes, even before candle lighting tonight. Go me and my mad "writes well under pressure caused by procrastination" skills).

-- Sunday: Up early, shop for groceries, cook for Yom Tov, bring in Yom Tov, host people for dinner, collapse.

-- Monday: First day Shavuot. Up early, daven, lunch at friends', maybe nap, dinner at home.

-- Tuesday: Second day Shavuot. Lather-rinse-repeat of Monday, except substituting shul luncheon for lunch at friends'.

-- Tuesday night: Reconnect with Internet I will not have seen for probably more than 20 minutes (eked out during the cooking process) since Friday afternoon.

Hugs all around. Be well and be good, all.
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-- One of [personal profile] gnomi's life rules: I should not see my coworkers' hipbones. Never-never.
-- I'm struck by the fact that I have a number of friends who (a) don't have a television, or (b) don't have a cell phone, or (c) have neither.
-- I am guilty of having broken out into song in other folks' LJs. I apologize in advance if I break out into song in yours unexpectedly.
-- It's in the 50s today; it's supposed to be in the 90s over the weekend. I don't think I have anything to wear for the 50s -- I've never owned a poodle skirt. The 90s are easier -- I still have a number of articles of clothing that I bought while in college.
-- Among the things I'm considering for Shavuot food: cheese blintz casserole thingy, Bill's Swiss veggie medley, lasagna, chocolate cheese pie. I have no clue if those go together. If it's going to be hot, starting with soup is probably a bad idea. Unless I do fruit soup or other cold soup. Will continue to ponder.
-- It's really hard to make an appointment somewhere when, each time one calls, the phone either rings and rings and rings without picking up or the line is busy.
-- Yesterday seemed to be "run into everyone in Coolidge Corner" evening. This happens periodically; I wish there would be a schedule published.
-- Cole Porter has invaded my brain.
-- People reading audiobooks should not do funny voices. It just makes me giggle, and then I lose the plot.
-- How late is too late to invite someone for a Yom Tov meal? Or a Shabbat meal? The latest [personal profile] mabfan and I ever invited anyone, that I can think of (when it wasn't just an in-shul, "Hey, do you have lunch plans? Wanna come home with us?") was when we called [personal profile] arib about 20 minutes before candle lighting one erev Y"T and invited him to second-day lunch.
-- I've been watching "Doctor Who" episodes with the commentary tracks. I love it when the writers crack themselves up at their own lines.
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-- It's grey and in the 40s today; tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and in the high 60s. Don'tcha just *love* Spring in New England?

-- Speaking of Spring in New England, trees hate me, and it's mutual. ::blows nose some more::

-- Had a good and productive weekend (not all at the same time, necessarily): Quiet Shabbat, slightly less quiet Sunday, what with the brunch-with-friends, cleaning-for-Passover, bringing-stuff-to-storage, more-Passover-cleaning, laundry-doing and all. And it was my Abba's birthday, so I spoke to him twice (which is odd for me on a Sunday; Sunday is usually the day I typically *don't* speak to the parental units).

-- I've been knitting like a crazed fiend (even more crazed than usual). Made more progress on my big project, finished three small projects, worked on another smallish project.

-- Still haven't pulled out the sewing machine in a while. I need to do that, 'cause I have cut-out projects in progress I *really* want to finish.

-- May be baking more in the next week or two, in an attempt to lessen the amount of flour and sugar I have on hand. There's that Passover-planning thing again...

-- Streaming audio hasn't worked for me at work for over a week. This is sad. I'm listening to CDs rather than the radio and rediscovering some of the stuff I'd forgotten I had in my CD collection here in Cubeville. Now I'm on a "reorganize my Cubeville CDs" kick. Let's see: just this one CD rack can be Jewish a cappella (pro), Jewish a cappella (collegiate), English-language a cappella (pro), English-language a cappella (collegiate), and I'm already out of space.
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So I'm eating breakfast and thinking about breakfast.

long and rambly thoughts about mornings and food )
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...or am I just having a Sam Seaborn moment?

I'm less visually observant than others but I make up for it.


With cunning and guile.

(West Wing episode 2.19, "Bad Moon Rising")

Anyway... since when has the username over the icon in one's friends list flush left rather than being centered (which is how I remember it)? Or has it been flush left forever and I'm just catching on now? Or is it just my browser that's showing it flush left and everyone is sitting there going "What's [personal profile] gnomi yammering about?"

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