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Be it hereby announced that Michael and Nomi will be again be hosting a birthday gathering for Nomi, on Saturday night (16 January). We'll be starting the gathering at 7 PM and ending around 10:30 PM.

This year, due to the existence of Muffin and Squeaker, we are not holding the open house at Arisia; rather, we are hosting it at our home (e-mail birthday [at] asknomi [dot] com for our home address if you don't have it).

There will be milchig (AKA dairy) snacks.

We know it's a busy weekend -- Arisia, ALA Midwinter, and Mystery Hunt, to name just a few things going on -- but we'd love to see any and all folks who want to drop by.

If you can't make the party but are around for the long weekend and want to drop by our place to say hi, please call (or e-mail) and we can see if we can find some time to get together.

Transportation: We're right off the Green Line, and there is street parking. Also, a friend of ours has offered to give people a lift from the Arisia hotel to our place on Saturday night. If you would like to take advantage of that, let us know and we'll connect you.
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A reminder:

This Saturday night, beginning at 8 PM, [personal profile] mabfan and I will be hosting my annual Arisia birthday gathering at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, 575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA.

Even if you're not attending the convention, you're welcome to come to my party. I'd love to see folks! I'll be posting the room number tomorrow as soon as we have it.
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For those of you attending Arisia next weekend, be it hereby announced that mabfan and I will be again be hosting a birthday gathering for me, on Saturday night (17 January). We'll be starting the gathering at 8 PM, but we'll be going until after the Masquerade, so feel free to drop by any time before 11:30 PM.

There will be milchig (AKA dairy) snacks.

Room to be announced as soon as we know it.

And those in the area who aren't actually attending the convention are also more than welcome to drop by the gathering.
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[personal profile] mabfan's book launch went extremely well. Saw lots of people. Sold lots of books.

It was wonderful to see all the folks we saw. Sorry we missed those who couldn't make it. Thanks to those of you who pitched in to make the setup and tear down go so smoothly.

I haven't read LJ since Friday at about 2 PM. Last I looked, I was at skip = 600, and I highly doubt I'm going to be able to catch up. Please let me know here if there's anything I should see.

And now I fall-over-go-boom.
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1. On Tuesday, 1 July, [personal profile] mabfan and I will be going to see A Jihad for Love at 7:15 PM at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline (we plan to get there sometime between 6:30 and 7). Afterwards, the two producers will be speaking briefly on the making of the movie.

2. On Friday, 4 July, we will once again be doing our annual outing to hear the Declaration of Independence read at the Old State House in Boston at 10:00 AM to be followed by a showing at our place of 1776.

Anyone who wishes to join us for either of these, let me know here or e-mail me at my @livejournal address.
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-- Both [profile] lcmlc and [personal profile] mabfan came through their various procedures fine and are now on the mend. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes.

-- I came to the decision (after making more than 10 dozen cocoa cookies) that I will not be making chocolate chip cookie bars for the birthday thing at Arisia.

-- Which reminds me: people in the Boston area who are around this weekend should feel free to drop by my birthday thing this weekend, even if you're not going to Arisia. Details are here.

-- Still lots to do before Arisia. But I found one of the things I wanted to bring with, so that's good.

-- Still flailing. ::flails:: ::flails some more, mostly for the amusement of [personal profile] tygerseye::
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For those of you attending Arisia next weekend, be it hereby announced that [personal profile] mabfan and I will be again be hosting a birthday gathering for me, on Saturday night (19 January). We'll be starting the gathering at 8 PM, but we'll be going until after the Masquerade, so feel free to drop by any time before 11:30 PM.

There will be milchig (AKA dairy) snacks.

Room 416 in the Hyatt.

And those in the area who aren't actually attending the convention are also more than welcome to drop by the gathering.
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Back to handy-dandy bullet points:

-- Went to [personal profile] osewalrus' parents' 45th anniversary party. Saw lots of fun people to whom I happen to be related (among those: [personal profile] osewalrus, [profile] beckyfeld, [profile] lisafeld, [personal profile] hammercock) and fun people to whom I'm not related (including [profile] 530nm330hz and [profile] introverte).

-- After anniversary party, changed out of finery and did stuff around home. Contemplated running errands and decided against it.

-- Stayed home while [personal profile] mabfan was at work.
-- Watched more "Project Runway" than I ever had before (Bravo was running a marathon of season 2)
-- Knit a lot
-- Baked cookies (chewy cocoa cookies, recipe from [personal profile] tsuki_no_bara) for a New Year's Un-Party
-- Went to said Un-Party. Enjoyed spending New Year's Eve as one of 9 people at small gathering.
-- Got home about 1:30 AM. [personal profile] mabfan called [personal profile] scarlettina and I kibbitzed from my seat
-- Went to bed around 2:15 AM. Had, at that point, been up 20 hours.

-- Got up around 8:45 AM
-- Went grocery shopping (local store open New Year's Day, yay. Rain storm that turned to snow storm while we were in the store, boo).
-- Went to lunchy gathering at friends'
-- Returned home (snow had become rain), got DVDs back from friend
-- Went to [profile] elul_3 and [profile] joules314's to deliver other DVDs, hang out for a while
-- Came home, didn't do laundry
-- Baked *more* chewy cocoa cookies. These will go with me and with [personal profile] mabfan for our coworkers to enjoy tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I return to work. It's been fun being off this past week and getting lots of time to relax, and part of me would love for it to continue, but another part of me looks forward to returning to my routine.
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On Wednesday night, as mentioned in my last post, we had dinner with a bunch of folks, some of whom we knew before and some of whom we didn't. A fun time was had by all.

On Thursday morning, I got up and did some knitting (finished a baby gift I've been working on; pics to follow eventually), and then at 12:30 I went and met [personal profile] gem225 for lunch. After a lovely lunch, I dragged [personal profile] gem225 all over the Brighton and Brookline area (with us laughing and talking all the while) on errands (we went to Whole Foods in Brighton, then we walked to Coolidge Corner (down Washington St. to Beacon, down Beacon to Harvard), stopping along the way to poke into some of the stores along our route, then to Walgreens, then to the Post Office, then to CVS, then to Brookline Booksmith, and then to Barnes & Noble (with a brief stop in the Sprint store to say hi to a friend I saw through the store window) before [personal profile] gem225 had to head off). I then went home and did home stuff until I left to meet [personal profile] mabfan, [profile] angwantibo, and a bunch of LJ-less folks for dinner. Again, dinner was much fun, and it was nice to get a chance to talk to people we don't see often.

On Friday, I got e-mail from a friend I'd been trying to coordinate with to get together during my vacation but with whom I hadn't connected -- he was coming to Brookline for a morning meeting; would I be available for lunch? Well, it was Friday, so my original plan for Friday had been to be to stay home and focus on Shabbat stuff. But I hadn't seen K (a former Kenan/Lucent denizen; he was gone before we became CSG) in way too long, so I didn't want to turn down this opportunity. We met for lunch at noon, and had a lovely time talking and laughing and catching up. But then it was time to buckle down and prepare for Shabbat, so [personal profile] mabfan and I got the place ready and again brought Shabbat in at the appropriate time (and not at +16 minutes, which seems to be our usual pattern).

Today we went to shul (we and another shul member, D, met up about a block from shul and walked the rest of the way together) and were the first to arrive, so [personal profile] mabfan and D got to open the shul. After davening was over, we had a lovely lunch with shul friends that lasted until almost 4 PM. We walked home and it was almost Havdallah time, so we read for a bit and then brought Shabbat to a close.

Tonight we're hanging around home, and tomorrow we're off to a family event.
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In handy-dandy bulletpoint format:


-- Got up at regular time
-- Did lots of Shabbat prep (without the crazy running-around bits, for once)
-- Ran a couple of errands in the neighborhood
-- Brought in Shabbat on time (without even using the 18 minutes at all)
-- Relaxing dinner with [personal profile] mabfan: mac & cheese and homemade challah and homemade pumpkin pie (along with other stuff)
-- Early to bed, early to sleep


-- Shul with not-such-a-surprise kiddush for [profile] queendeb
-- Lunch with many people ([personal profile] mabfan, [profile] elul_3, [profile] joules314, their kids, [personal profile] mbarr, who was visiting, [profile] maric23, his parents, and A)
-- Quiet motza"sh at home with [personal profile] mabfan, watching stuff on TV and DVD (lots of SG-1)


-- Made pancakes for breakfast (since had milk left over from making mac & cheese for Shabbat dinner)
-- Knit and watched football while [personal profile] mabfan visited with former student
-- Met with [personal profile] lucretia_borgia and other shul friend about stuff
-- Home, dinner with [personal profile] mabfan, more SG-1


-- Up early.
-- Went with [personal profile] mabfan to Boston Museum of Science for the CSI: The Experience exhibit (closing 1 January). Was quite enjoyable (we did Case #2, the body in the alley).
-- From museum, went to Loews Boston Common theater to see "National Treasure: Book of Secrets." Assessment: Ludicrous but fun.
-- Went home. Ate late lunch. Watched a bit of TV.
-- Went back out to Circle Cinema to see "Charlie Wilson's War." Assessment: enjoyable and thought provoking. Yay for Sorkin script. Boo for Sorkin-script-but-no-Josh-Malina.
-- After film, home to catch up on sleep from getting up early and running around like semi-crazed monkeys.


-- Quiet morning at home. More SG-1, as SciFi channel showing marathon (all of season 9, it seemed).
-- Out to see Juno. Assessment: Funny and sweet, very enjoyable.
-- After movie, late lunch at Ta'am China, thus fulfilling the two mitzvot of the day (for those of us in cities. Those in the arei haprazot are not m'chuyav in both Chinese food and movie if, for them, Chinese food is not available).
-- At TC, ran into [personal profile] mbarr, [profile] maric23 and A. After browse in Israel Book Shop, brought them all back to our place briefly. Got to see [personal profile] chanaleh and [profile] jessruth when they came to get [personal profile] mbarr.
-- Spent quiet evening at home. Knit more on TARDIS.

Wednesday (AKA today)

-- Slept in slightly while [personal profile] mabfan went workward.
-- Ran various errands, then went to meet [personal profile] mabfan for lunch at Milk St.
-- After lunch, ran other errands, then came home. Knit more TARDIS.
-- Meeting friends (including [personal profile] llennhoff and [profile] malkaesther) for dinner
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Okay, maybe it's not "great," but it is going to happen in Brookline...

Here's the background. [personal profile] mabfan's long-time friend Andrew Greene ([profile] 530nm330hz) is about to have his first crossword puzzle published, in this Sunday's New York Times magazine.

For a memento of this occasion, Andrew has asked if folks might send him photographs of people working on his puzzle. It occurred to [personal profile] mabfan that this would be the perfect opportunity to organize a puzzling event.

So here's the deal. There's a small park-like place at the corner of Harvard and Stedman Streets in Brookline, with a few benches and tables right near the Devotion School lawn. It's only a few blocks north of the Green Line C stop in Coolidge Corner. On Sunday morning at 11 AM, [personal profile] mabfan and I will be there with copies of Andrew's puzzle and pencils. People are invited to join us there, take a copy of the puzzle, and solve it. We'll take a whole bunch of photos, which we'll send to Andrew for his memento book. Afterwards, perhaps we can all get lunch at Rami's and enjoy the return of real August weather.

We'd appreciate if people would RSVP if they're thinking of attending, as it would give us an idea of how many puzzles and pencils to bring. You can RSVP by replying here, or by emailing [personal profile] mabfan at
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Friday )
Shabbat )
Sunday )

So, how was y'all's weekend?
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-- Figured out last bits of menu (with help of [profile] beckyfeld) while at work
-- Stopped at TJ's, CVS, and City Housewares on way home to pick up last necessary bits for weekend
-- Went home and cooked like crazed monkey, due to Thursday night heat precluding serious cooking
-- Listening to iPod while cooking? Pros and cons. Need speakers for 'Pod.
-- During cooking frenzy, [profile] maric23 arrived (bearing beautiful flowers that he then kindly put in a vase while I cooked). Not long after, [personal profile] mabfan came home. [profile] maric23 went above and beyond call of duty for guest, helping [personal profile] mabfan while kitchen flail continued
-- Again this week, kitchen flail lasted way too close to start of Shabbat for flailing cooking monkey's comfort
-- When asked about Shabbat morning breakfast, [profile] maric23 mentioned that when he was in Israel, brownies and coffee were a common breakfast before davening on Shabbat. Conveniently enough, brownies using [profile] dancingdeer's recipe were planned for Friday dessert
-- Finally, Shabbat started. Lit candles, changed for Shabbat, sat down to food.
-- Food: Gefilte fish in honey (recipe from [personal profile] lucretia_borgia), 10-Minute Chinese Beef (recipe from [profile] lcmlc), Basmati rice, stir-fried veggies, and the aforementioned brownies
-- Good conversation over dinner; appreciative noises in reaction to food (which I take as a good sign); ate Shabbat dinner with chopsticks; menu proved popular


-- Up for shul at 7:30 (yay, Shabbat alarm)
-- Ate brownies; discovered Issues with jar of coffee from pantry; was abashed, offered tea with caffeine; while getting out tea bags, found single-serve coffee bag – yay!; felt less guilty about coffee-related Issues. Need to get more coffee bags for future guestage
-- Left later than optimal for getting to shul on time; walked double-time to get there, arrived at same time as Rabbi Emeritus; found that [personal profile] mabfan and [profile] maric23 were #4 and #5. Irony of rushing to shul to find lack-of-minyan not lost on sleepy cook-monkey
-- Good davening. Quick. Rabbi out of town on vacation. Rabbi Emeritus gave 5-minute drash. Yay, short drash. Bilaam = Lavan. Need to find Sanhedrin 105.
-- Got home in time to set up for lunch guests. While [personal profile] mabfan and [profile] maric23 set table and all, got food finished up.
-- Lunch food: Bruschetta (suggested by [profile] eroticjames), chicken marsala, Yerushalmi kugel (recipe from [personal profile] vettecat), marinated cauliflower salad (recipe from [profile] beckyfeld, suggested by [profile] beckyfeld), and chocolate chip cookie bars. Also served olive oil and zatar for challah dipping. Food was popular. Especially cookie bars.
-- Lunch went from 1:15-5:30. No, really. That was from kiddush to bentching. And then we played card games (Set, Flux, Chrononauts). At 8:00-ish, [personal profile] mabfan asked guests if they wanted to stay for seudah shlishit, at which point guests realized just how late it was and left to feed their kitten. Afternoon was great fun.
-- Post-lunch conversational movie quote: "But I've got my country's five hundredth anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped."
-- After havdallah, schmoozed with [profile] maric23 and played on Internet and other assorted things until close to 2 AM. Then sleep. Much needed due to lack of Shabbat nap.


-- Up earlier than going-to-sleep-around-2 called for.
-- Saw "Ratatouille." Highly recommended. And the preceding short, as well.
-- After movie, went off to visit coworker of [personal profile] mabfan and his family. Had lovely time. Stayed late into night.
-- Came home, got ready for work, went to sleep.

Was a wonderful weekend all around. Thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to its wonderfulness.
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On Monday, [personal profile] mabfan and I were joined by [personal profile] tsuki_no_bara, [personal profile] farwing, and [personal profile] suzvoy in Brookline for dinner, since [personal profile] suzvoy is (briefly) visiting the Boston area.

Dinner was a lot of fun, with conversation and laughter and many, many references to television shows. And, of course, photos!

Suz, Farwing, Tsuki, Gnomi
Suz, Farwing, Tsuki, Gnomi

Suz, Farwing, Mabfan, Tsuki
Suz, Farwing, Mabfan, Tsuki

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Leaving tomorrow morning, to arrive Thursday in Virginia for EPICon.

Meeting all interested parties at Mr. Broadway tomorrow for dinner at 6:30 PM. If you are thinking of coming and haven't told me yes/no yet, please do so by tomorrow at 4 PM so I know how many folks I should be expecting.

I guarantee I will fall behind on LJ while I'm gone.

Have a great weekend, all.
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OK... here's what I've come up with for a dinner plan for tomorrow:

Mr. Broadway, 1372 Broadway (at 38th Street).

If I call it for 6:30 PM, will folks be able to meet me? Or is 7 better?
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I'm going to be in the city on 7 March and will be (potentially) looking for folks with whom to have dinner that evening. Anyone want to join me at some as-yet-to-be-determined kosher dining establishment at some as-yet-undetermined time?

My only constraint (other than the kosher thing) is that I'm catching an early-in-the-morning New Jersey Transit train the next morning (so I figure I'm going to have to head to the subway about 6:00 AM to get to Penn to get to NJ), so I'd rather an earlier dinner (meeting, say, before 7) than a later dinner.

(alternatively, I'll be arriving that day around 12:15 PM, so if folks wish to meet for lunch, that might be doable, though unless I go to Queens first I'll have my luggage with me.)
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For those of you attending Arisia this weekend, be it hereby announced that [personal profile] mabfan and I will be again be hosting a birthday gathering for me, on Saturday night. We'll be starting the gathering at 8 PM, but we'll be going until after the Masquerade, so feel free to drop by any time before 11:30 PM.

We're returning to the casual form of previous years rather than the fancy-shmancy one we did last year. There will be milchig (AKA dairy) snacks.

Room 251 in the Hyatt.

And those in the area who aren't actually attending the convention are also more than welcome to drop by the gathering.
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Number of cows viewed: 52
Number of miles walked: between 4.5 and 5
Amount of time taken: 5:45 hours
Number of photos taken: 284

We have 3 remaining cows to photograph, which we hope to do soon. One we couldn't get yesterday because it's behind a door that's locked during non-business hours. One is up on Beacon Hill behind a fence that's locked during non-business hours. And the third is on Newbury Street but not at the address listed on the map (the map had it located on Newbury between Dartmouth and Exeter; in fact, it's between Fairfield and Gloucester).

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