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In this week’s The Brookline Parent, [personal profile] mabfan discusses the Supreme Court case that started in Massachusetts and on which the Court ruled 9-0 was unconstitutional. The incident that prompted the law that was the subject of the lawsuit was not just local; it happened here in Brookline, and he was nearby when it happened.
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If you hear about an explosion at the Boston Marathon finish line, which is about 500 feet from [personal profile] mabfan's office building, don't worry about us. We were all safe in Brookline: Muffin and Squeaker didn't have school, [personal profile] mabfan stayed home, and I am working from home. Everyone in our family is safe. My heart goes out to those who are directly affected by the incident.
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Clearly, Romney didn't listen to the wisdom of Toby Ziegler. (link to YouTube)
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Actually, today is Brookline's fourth voting day this year, but today is the presidential election and many other important offices. So please go vote, if you are registered.

[personal profile] mabfan and I are taking Muffin and Squeaker out with us when we go to the polls tonight. We are thus deviating from our usual vote-before-work tradition, but we thought it important to introduce the girls to voting (they came with us before for local elections and for the special election for Senate in 2009/2010, but they were tiny-tiny during the special election and probably don't remember it).

In honor of the day, some relevant videos:

Brookline Selectman (Selectperson? Selectwoman?) Jesse Mermel gets out the vote

Schoolhouse Rock: Sufferin' Until Suffrage

Toby yanks Josh's chain by proxy
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So, on 23 October 2009, "White Collar" debuted. And so [ profile] rabidchild67 thought it might be nice to have a fanworks fest in honor of Caffrey-Burke Day. I hadn't planned to contribute, since my production of fanworks has been significantly curtailed recently. However, there was a news story that tickled my brain, and then this came along. So, I give you...

A Value Beyond Pearls )
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Dutch art heist museum says security system in order

(From Reuters, here.)
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Today's (well, yesterday's, but same deal) installment? Current events that make me want to write fanfic. And I might actually do so.
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A headline from this morning's Boston Globe:
Parents want review of report kindergartner put in closet

(from here.)

As Casey McCall might say, "We got all kinds of sentence construction here."
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My letter to the editor was published in today's Boston Globe.

(Basically, I write in reference to this article, with this as a starting point.)
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Last night at their town meeting, the town of Middleborough, MA, passed a $20 fine for swearing in public.

How the *#&! is this enforceable?* Or constitutional? I know that the resort area of Virginia Beach, VA, has a similar bylaw (that's where I took the photo that got turned into the icon on this post), but I still don't know how it's possible to make a law of this sort without impinging on folks' First Amendment rights.

ETA: For those of you who like this sort of thing, the Warrant is here, and it was Article 24.

See what I did there? ;-)
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I realize that the desire was to write an article about the upcoming retirement of Smith College's president, but did you really have to go with a Dek (subheadline) of "Search underway to replace Christ"? Don't you think religious issues have been making headlines enough recently?

Yours most sincerely,
The freelance editor who giggled loudly on the Green Line this morning

ETA: The obligatory screenshot (click to enlarge):

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This morning's hard-copy Boston Globe had the following headline on a story about recent violence in Dorchester (they changed the headline for the online version):

Police Bear Down After Killing

[ profile] mabfan and I had a conversation about the police bear and what might have happened to make the bear so sad.

(For more on crash blossoms, see this "On Language" column or Wikipedia.)
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In this morning's Boston Globe, I found the folowing sentence:
Nationwide, fewer than a handful of states routinely allow people to use translators to take the written driving test because of concerns for public safety, said Brian Zimmer, president of the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License, a Washington-based nonprofit that favors strong standards for licenses to prevent terrorism, crime, and identity theft.

Leaving aside the issue of the length of the sentence, I was bothered by the phrase "fewer than a handful of states." "Fewer" is correct there, since "states" are countable, but how can one have fewer than a metaphorical handful? There are better ways to say the same thing: very few states; a small number of states; only [n] states; and others.
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In this week's column, Tucson, Torchwood, and Twins, [personal profile] mabfan ponders how having Muffin and Squeaker changes how we relate to television shows and current events.


Jul. 29th, 2010 03:26 pm
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This is an amazing document.

I am not saying that I agree with what it says 100%. But it goes much farther than I thought the Orthodox community (any part of the Orthodox community) would ever go publicly.

Thanks to [profile] 530nm330hz for the link.
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...The word "Tzfardei’a" is Hebrew. I refer you to Exodus chapter 7 verse 27. The Greeks may be using the word, but I believe *they* understand they're making an allusion.

Yours in the name of cross-language understanding,

An amused [personal profile] gnomi

(Thanks to LanguageLog for the link)
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The last week or so has been more than a little crazy:See what I mean? )
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Weren't we just talking about this?

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