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-- We're having what I've termed "snizzle": could be snow, could be drizzle.

-- Due to the weather, many of my coworkers chose to work from home. Because of them and the coworkers traveling for various reasons, the office is really quiet today, to the point that I was the first one in the office today.

-- I have discovered some games for my phone that are addictive (Ticket to Ride, Where's My Water?). I am now looking for people to play Ticket to Ride with.

-- A fanfic project I've been pondering for a while just became both easier and harder due to a casting spoiler. ::ponders some more::

-- We have achieved Purim costumes for Muffin and Squeaker. Tried them on last night, and they were adorable.

-- Speaking of Purim, this year I thought ahead and got mishloach manot items at BJ's when I last went. I just need a couple of items and we can assemble them.

-- Speaking of assembling, check out the new Avengers trailer from Marvel UK. It's really cool.

-- Today's date makes me think I should be humming Sousa music all day. So does Sunday's date.

-- It's 1 March and already my grocery store has put out Passover food. This is ridiculous.

-- With the warmer-than-usual weather we've been having, the trees are confused and some of them are budding. So, of course, I'm having my annual Spring allergy attack. Spring allergy attacks should *not* start in February.

-- It's Thursday, and I have no clue what I'm making for Shabbat.
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-- Another "I"m not sure this is the labeling you want" photo:

Cider Vinegar: Ideal for Food!
Cider Vinegar: Ideal for Food!

-- A coworker of mine does rock climbing as a hobby. He did a presentation at a lunch-and-learn a while ago about the climbing, and in the midst of it he mentioned how wonderful merino wool is. Since I am currently working in merino (Debbie Bliss Merino Aran, for those who understand what that means) (I'm making gloves that I will post about as soon as I have more than just my one prototype glove), I showed him what merino looks like in ball form (rather than in clothing form). And it made me wonder how frequently people find the juncture between knitters and rock climbers, conversationwise. (It's probably pretty frequent, given the interest both have in quality fabric production.)

-- As discussion of this year's early (11 March 2012) Hugo nomination deadline heats up, I've been seeing a lot of references to "Hugo nom deadline." This made me wonder if it was the deadline for chomping on Hugos. (Om nom nom!)

-- Blechy, rainy weather today. Blech. Still beats snow.

-- Cool video seen on the ABE Books blog: Dancing Books (link to YouTube video)

-- Squeaker decided my outfit today, having rejected the outfit I'd originally laid out. Mind you, this was *my* clothing, not *hers*.

-- Muffin was ill earlier this week, but she's doing fine now. Moral of the story? Muffin should eat blueberries more deliberately and with forethought.

-- There are still two slots available in the handcrafts meme I posted a couple of days ago.
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-- I have Thinky Thoughts about last night's "Glee." Not all of them are charitable.

-- Are cranky questions "kvetchstions"? And are cranky messages "kvetchsages"?

-- How did it get to be a week before Chanukah already?

-- MP3s are the friend of the modern leiner. I'm just saying.

-- Happy Monkey Day!

-- It's gotten sufficiently colder that I've needed to dig out my leggings. Finally getting winterish weather is seasonally appropriate, but it means I need to look for such things as gloves and scarves and sweaters.

-- This past weekend, Muffin and Squeaker had play dates with the daughters of friends of ours on Friday night, then with the kids of the rabbi and rebbetzin on Shabbat, and then with their local cousin on Sunday. [personal profile] mabfan and I were pleased how well they interacted with all the other kids, many of whom are older than Muffin and Squeaker.
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-- I like being able to use technical skills I haven't used in a while. In the course of one project, I used my knowledge of UNIX, Emacs, and HTML.

-- It's Wednesday, and I'm not sure at all what to make for Shabbat. I shall ponder, because it would be ideal if I could shop tonight and cook tomorrow night.

-- Still pondering the next knitting project. I'm thinking socks, mostly since I haven't done any in a while and they're a good portable project. Also, sock season is approaching (for some values of "approaching," inasmuch as it's mid-September and still in the 80s F).

-- Still no velociraptor attacks in the office since the last (purported) one.

-- Construction season continues apace, as they've torn up the area in front of the main entrance to my work building. For the next few weeks, I'll have to walk around the corner to enter the far entrance.

-- How is it possible that Rosh Hashannah starts two weeks from tonight? Wasn't it just Tisha b'Av?

-- I've started wearing tichels to work (I'd been wearing berets/a baseball cap previous). I'm not 100% sure why I waited until I'd been here almost two months; I'm much more comfortable in the tichels than I was in the hats.

-- Muffin and Squeaker have started attending a playgroup four days a week. From all reports, they're enjoying themselves. We're hoping they'll make some friends who are less than 20 years older than them.
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-- This morning, when [personal profile] mabfan and I headed out to work (the first time I'd been out in daylight since Saturday afternoon), we saw a large tree in front of one of our across-the-street neighbors had been felled quite impressively by the storm. It didn't look like there was any damage to the house itself, which is good.

-- We have the best friends. During our power outage yesterday, friends who had power offered us the use of their home if we needed to decamp due to an extended power outage. Later (before the power was back), they brought us a pizza for dinner, since they live closer to the kosher pizza source and were able to get to us (we have no car and the T was offline all day, so we were stranded even after the storm had abated).

-- To their credit, the T was up and running this morning and the commute was straightforward. Those on the Green Line D were more out of luck, but that's not atypical due to the abundance of trees lining the D line tracks.

-- This morning, coworkers were greeting each other with queries of how they had weathered the storm. Some are still without power, but mostly folks seem to have come through the storm pretty well.

-- After a brief walk to the post office, I'm pondering a "historical plaques" photo essay based just on what I find walking within a couple blocks of my office.

-- Years ago, [personal profile] osewalrus shared his chemistry-based explanation of the kosher laws, using "milchigons," "fleishigons," and "treifons." Today I learned about something that fits perfectly into the schema: lardons. (Yeah, most people probably already knew about this; I'm kosher-from-birth, so what do I know from pig fat?)
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-- I know I've been kind of quiet except for announcements of columns. Between Pesach (Passover) prep, Pesach itself, *recovering* from Pesach, and job searching, life's been busy. I'll strive to be more talky here, but no promises.

-- A posting on the Jewish Boston mailing list about someone trying to find a pre-season minyan on Cape Cod made me wonder about early Onset minyanim.

-- I've been and will be again chaperoning a couple's dates for religious reasons. If I have the brain to do so, I'll elaborate more in a later post.

-- I've come to the realization that I really like Shabbat morning Pesukei d'Zimrah (verses of praise, one of the early parts of the morning service).

-- Squeaker was convinced yesterday when [personal profile] mabfan was talking to [personal profile] osewalrus that it was Sabba (Hebrew for "grandfather"; what Muffin and Squeaker call my father) on the phone. I said, "No, that's Uncle [personal profile] osewalrus," and Squeaker just looked at me like I was nuts and said, emphatically, "Sabba!"

-- Muffin decided -- and convinced Squeaker -- that one of their tables, flipped over, is actually a slide like the ones they play on at the park. They now yell "Slide" and slide off the edge of the flipped-over table.

-- Help me. I think I'm becoming a Gleek.

-- Last week, [personal profile] mabfan and I watched the 1952 science fiction movie "This Island Earth." To then get the taste of that (honestly kind of wretched) film out of our brains, we watched the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, in which *they* watch an abridged version of "This Island Earth." We were both amused when the robots said almost exactly something I'd said while watching the movie the first time.

-- I'm in that "I have a bunch of things on needles and don't want to work on any of them" stage, but I haven't 100% figured out *what* I want to knit. I may cast on a pair of socks, just because. Or I may knit an elephant. Time will tell.
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-- Bad word choice or the AP making a subtle joke? Belgians continuing to "waffle" over their government.

-- Philosophy from my juice drink (courtesy of mishloach manot): "Don't worry if your tasks are small and rewards are few, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you."

-- Muffin and Squeaker are adding to their word list very quickly, though they don't always choose the right word. Our babysitter uses "woogie" as a term for what I call a ponytail holder/ponytail elastic, and when Muffin wants one, she asks for a "pengin." "Pengin" is also what she uses for "penguin."

-- This year's big Pesach cleaning related task? Hunt down all the Cheerios. it's the Great Cheerio Hunt, Charlie Brown!

-- And speaking of Pesach... Dear weather, today is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the beginning of the month containing the "Holiday of Spring." D'you think maybe we can stop with the wintry weather? Thanks.

-- Hooray for sewing skills. For under $17, I made two sets of blackout curtains for the girls' room, whereas each set of curtains is "on sale" online for $38.

-- Last night I knit a banana. Pictures once I've taken them. Now looking for other food oddities to knit, since the girls now have a play kitchen but as yet limited food.
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-- Today we have snow. Again. Numbers I'm seeing right now indicate that we got somewhere around another 9 or so inches. Which is not such a large snowfall for our area, in general. Problem is, there's nowhere to *put* the snow when you clear it off roads/sidewalks/stairs/driveways due to the lingering snow from the last storm (and the storm before that... the storm before *that* melted when we had a couple of days in the low 40s).

-- We continued the flow of objects in the Great Clothing (and Stuff) Continuum by passing along a baby swing that has been, for Muffin and Squeaker, just an oddity in the living room/play room for about eight months. I have mixed feelings when we do this -- I feel good, knowing that I am letting another family get the enjoyment of the use of the item, but at the same time I feel nostalgic about when our girls used it.

-- Last night, thanks to the kindness of a friend willing to babysit, [ profile] mabfan and I met Mike Brown, the discoverer of Eris (and killer of Pluto). [ profile] mabfan has a write-up of our evening.

-- Earlier this week, when the low temperature in Boston was -2F, I knit myself a hat, because I decided it was silly that I had made warm hats for a number of people but did not have a good warm hat for myself. Now I am knitting another octopus, this one for the almost-six-month-old upstairs.

-- Still questing for good winter boots to replace my eight-year-old ones (the zippers have been through too much salt and sand and don't reliably zip any more). My requirements are relatively simple: waterproof, warm, not too expensive. I bought a pair that I was assured were waterproof, and they leaked like a sieve the first time I wore them in last week's wet-mush storm ("wet mush" in this case, was a combination of rain and show and slush that made crazy puddles all over Brookline).

-- I woke up this morning at about 3:20 to discover I was wearing my glasses. The bizarre thing about this is that I have a distinct memory of putting my glasses away and rolling onto my side to fall asleep, and that on-my-side position is not comfortable when I am still wearing my glasses. So sometime between when I fell asleep and 3:20, I must have woken up, opened my glasses case, put on my glasses, and gone back to sleep.
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-- Sorry I've been kind of scarce around here recently. I'll try to be better about posting more regularly.

-- I've been knitting much more in recent months. Something about Muffin and Squeaker having a real, set schedule and an actual bed time makes my free time more free. I've made four winter hats for the girls, two pairs of mittens, part of a baby gift, and I have a couple of projects on needles. It feels good to get back to a hobby I love but didn't have brain space for.

-- Our most recent Patch column is up, this time written by [personal profile] mabfan about cars. Or, more precisely, about no car.

-- This is a weird winter so far (yeah, I know it's not yet actual winter; I'm using the colloquial sense): everywhere, it seems, has had snow except Boston. Though [profile] lcmlc reports a dusting of snow on the driveway this morning, and we're supposed to get something this week.

-- Muffin and Squeaker continue to expand their vocabularies. Beside "banana," "this," "that," "Mama," and "Daddy" (or, as Muffin says it, "dah-DEEEE!"), they now say "go," "done," "down," "baby," "beep," and many other words that we're still not 100% sure what they mean.

-- Chanukah is over, and this year -- like other years when the Jewish holidays fall early in relation to the Gregorian calendar -- I have again the dilemma of how to respond to greetings of "happy holidays." My default is "and to you as well."
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-- As I alluded to last week, I again have the "Early Erev Shabbat, Too Much Stuff to Do Before Licht Bentchen Blues."

-- While doing some of my Shabbat cooking on Wednesday night while [personal profile] mabfan was out at Town Meeting, I started composing a new musical: "Vegetable Cooking Spray!" (the more health-conscious sequel to "Grease!"). Two songs from it: "You're the Bowl That I Want" and "Greased Bundt Pan" ("Oh, greased bundt pan/I'll bake a lemon bundt cake in you.")

-- The reason I was cooking on Wednesday was that last night (since there was no Town Meeting, the issues having been covered in two nights) [personal profile] mabfan and I went to see a real movie, in a theater (or theatre) no less. We saw "The Social Network," which we'd both been interested in. Good film, and a fun night out thanks to very good friends who gave us the gift of babysitting. We left them with a sleeping Muffin and Squeaker, so they had a relaxing evening of videos while we had a night out.

-- We went to see the movie at the Chestnut Hill AMC, and on the way out of the movie we saw a bunch of folks lined up to see the midnight premiere of "Harry Potter." As we walked back to the Chestnut Hill T stop, we saw all sorts of people in Gryffindor scarves. It took me a minute, but I realized why Gryffindor was the most represented house: Gryffindor shares its colors with Boston College, which is within walking distance of the cinema.

-- Today I attended a mandatory seminar at The Work Place (mandated by the MA Department of Unemployment Assistance. I'd been concerned, because a Friday class in Standard Time, even a morning class, makes things tight for Shabbat prep (which is another reason I cooked on Wednesday). But much to my amazement, and very much appreciated, while we started ten minutes late to accommodate late arrivals, we ended at 10:57, giving me time to do the errands I was worried I'd have to skip if the class went long.
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-- While making French toast on Sunday, I ran out of custard half way through the last piece of challah. I therefore created what I am now calling Quebecois Toast: half French toast, half Anglo bread.

-- Entertainment Weekly did a poll recently to see who people think would be the best actor to play the next Superman. The six choices were Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jon Hamm, Brandon Routh, and Tom Welling.

-- Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll yesterday.

-- Anyone looking for a technical writer? Inquiring minds want to know.

-- I think we have successfully gotten Squeaker to sleep through the night (she was doing what the medical professionals consider sleeping through the night -- 6 hours of sleep -- but I don't consider a baby who wakes up at 3 AM to be sleeping through the night). Now her biggest impediment to sleep is Muffin, ready to play, waking her up at 6:45. If Squeaker had only said, "Mommy, Daddy, I want a crib tent" ten months ago, we wouldn't be so underslept.

-- On Monday I discovered that no matter how good the map you're carrying, it is still very possible to get yourself on totally the wrong street in the Beacon Hill/West End section of Boston. While walking from Government Center to the Mass General area, I managed to almost end up on the Suffolk University campus, at the Garden (it will always be the Boston Garden to me), and in an apartment complex behind Charles St.

-- I am watching with interest the increased scrutiny of late hits/helmet-to-helmet hits in football.

-- The combination of more sleep at night and a bit more free time in the evenings is inspiring me to get into writing regularly again. Beside the Patch column, I am hoping to get back into regular fiction writing again.
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-- Two days of yom tov followed by Shabbat messes with my sense of time. And Muffin and Squeaker's naps. But I cooked so much that I shouldn't have to cook for dinner again until Tuesday.

-- My haftarah went pretty well today. A couple of flubs of words I fixed right away and some off notes I just let go. But considering the conditions under which I learned it, I'm pleased.

-- Babygirls still adorable. They charmed everyone at shul on yom tov.

-- On the way to shul on the second day, I passed a guy who looked like a young Neal Caffrey.

-- Our lunch hosts both days were wonderful. Today we ate a late lunch at home after taking some extra time after davening to appreciate beautiful weather.

-- Tomorrow is Tzom Gedaliah, a fast day usually the day after Rosh Hashannah but pushed to Sunday because the only fast observed on Shabbat is Yom Kippur. May everyone observing the fast have an easy one.
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-- Why don't people sign e-mail anymore? I hate having to go back to the top of a long e-mail to see the From: line just to see who sent the mail (this is especially a problem on mailing lists).

-- When did the trend of blends/portmanteau names start in fanfic? And is there an algorithm that determines whether or not fandoms use them? I remember Spuffy and Spander fic (so clearly Buffy fandom used portmanteau names), and a tiny part of my memory says there was Sculder fic, but I was in neither Buffy fandom nor X-Files fandom. I was active in West Wing fandom for a while, and I don't remember people using portmanteau names (how would one blend Donna and Josh, anyway? Dosh? Jonna?).

-- Speaking of portmanteau words, I am against "refudiated" but for "ginormous."

-- Muffin and Squeaker's birthday party yesterday was a lot of fun. There may be photos to follow of girls with chocolate cake all over their faces. Muffin loved both the chocolate cake and the ice cream cake. Squeaker, with her more choosy palate, was very fond of the chocolate cake but did not enjoy the ice cream. She, however, is not overly fond of cold food, so perhaps that was the main problem.

-- A truth about babies: just when you think you've done all their laundry, they have generated more laundry.

-- We're continuing the "Get Squeaker to Sleep in Her Crib" project. For the past couple of nights, she has slept in a pack-and-play (borrowed from [personal profile] lucretia_borgia) in our room, and she did pretty well (last night she spent the whole night in the pack-n-play for the first time), and today she took her first nap there as well (instead of sleeping in the bouncy chair in the living room, for which she is getting way too big). This will, hopefully, bode well for the future of getting her actually out of our room and into her own overnight.
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-- I'm done with my leave and am now back at work, so expect to see me online at least slightly more often.

-- How is it that Muffin and Squeaker are almost nine weeks old? They're gaining head control and other good things on a daily basis, and they're beginning to notice the other baby in the co-sleeper/pack-and-play.

-- Ridiculous things I've said to my children: "[Muffin/Squeaker], are you crying because you're sad or are you crying because the baby is crying?" "[Muffin/Squeaker], shhh! You'll wake the baby!" "All baby service representatives are currently assisting other babies. Your call is important to us; please be patient and the next available baby service representative will be with you as soon as possible. This call may be monitored for quality assurance."

-- How did it get to be the week before Rosh Hashannah? This happens to me every year, and I never understand how.

-- A question to ponder: what earthly purpose do pockets have on a 0-3 month size onesie? What's she going to carry, her keys and mobile phone? She can't even support her own head yet.

-- People bringing us food was wonderful, but at the same time there is something very nice about getting back to doing my own menu planning and cooking.

-- I missed my coworkers. I did not miss the commute. Thank goodness for understanding management and coworkers who are willing to give me rides.

-- Our home office is at the back of our apartment, and I'm discovering that our portable phone doesn't have the greatest reception back there (the base station is at the front of the apartment in our bedroom, and it's only recently that I'm using the back office regularly, so it hasn't previously been an issue). On the downside, it means that the home line isn't the best to reach me on when I'm working back there. On the upside, though, it means that we won't be as likely to have that phone ringing in the room next door to the kids' room.

-- I've missed everyone while I was in hibernation. I hope all is well by all of you.
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-- Is it rude for someone to blatantly read the back of your newspaper while you're trying to read the front? I felt it was at 7:20 or so this morning, but maybe I was too sensitive. Though her *leaning in* to check out the graphic is the bit that tipped me over to say something.

-- Morning fire alarms are no fun when one works on the 13th floor of a 14-floor building. The people doing construction upstairs should be more careful.

-- I think I mananged to get through a weekend on Martha's Vineyard without getting a sunburn. This is a big deal because I was actually outside a couple of times while it was sunny, I didn't have sunscreen with me, and I can burn while waiting for the bus in the summer.

-- After this weekend, I have a couple of over-ripe bananas. There is banana bread in my future.

-- Signs warning of the possible presence of deer ticks should be at eye level, not knee level. The deer ticks aren't the ones who need to read the sign. I'm just saying.

-- The weather should make up its mind and commit to warm or cool so that buildings can figure out how to set their HVAC systems. I'm tired of being too cold on cold days and too warm on warm days while inside.
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-- We got a lot of snow between Friday and Sunday. It's pretty, but it's kind of treacherous to walk on.

-- I'm having a bout of StupidFoot. In other words, I'm having a recurrence of the random foot pain in my right foot (I last had StupidFoot in May). It makes the snow-covered streets/sidewalks that much more challenging.

-- I'm on vacation from now until I return to work on 5 January. Having time off from work-work, even though it's going to be filled with lots of stuff, is a very nice thing.

-- I spent part of this afternoon channelling Fawn Hall and shredding documents dating back to mid-1999.

-- Tonight, [personal profile] mabfan and I joined [profile] malkaesther and [personal profile] llennhoff at Ta'am China. The crowd included [profile] sorek, [profile] eireangus, [profile] madknits, [personal profile] chaiya, [personal profile] hakamadare, and four or five people whom I didn't know and who may or may not have online presences.

-- Last night was the first night of Channukah. This Saturday and Sunday are Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the month of Tevet. What this means is that we have a Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Channukah, thus necessitating three different torah scrolls to be used on Saturday morning.

-- I can't do a rambly bits post without a mention of knitting, so I will note that I am making good progress on a couple of different projects I currently have on needles, and I am, for the first time in a long time, without an active pair of socks on needles (however, I have yarn for two more pairs of socks, so I'll be casting on new socks sooner rather than later).
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-- New icon courtesy of [personal profile] lanning. I just couldn't resist the adorable mousie with his adorable teddy bear.

-- A thought question: Who would steal a bottle of hand lotion, a pair of scissors, and a small bag of chocolate off my desk at work but leave the stuff that's actually worth money?

-- Yesterday on the bus in the morning, I saw a young lady take up four seats all by herself (one for herself, one for her feet, and one each for her two bags).

-- The word is "supposedly," not "supposably." Please make a note of it.

-- When did it become assumed that if *you* bump into *me*, I'm the one expected to apologize?

-- [personal profile] mabfan and I have wonderful friends who are generous with their time and their resources.

-- Knitting while commuting is much more difficult when my fingers are encased in my gloves.

-- A book I originally ordered in September 2007 has *finally* shipped and should arrive today or tomorrow. This makes me happy, as it's a book I've been quite eager to read.

-- There's a radio ad (for some government program) in which I know the voiceover voice, but I just can't place it. It bugs me every time I hear the ad.
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-- It's *cold* -- the high today is supposed to be about 20-25 F, with a wind chill of -10 or so. It's a right balmy 15 at the moment, according to my weather bug. And of course it's supposed to be in the 50s later in the week and we're supposed to get wet and sloppy weather on Friday. Ah, New England. :-)

-- An observation from yesterday: We have a heck of a lot of books.

-- On Thursday, on the way to mandatory fun our office's holiday party, I discovered that a coworker I've known for almost nine years is a major comic book fan. This pleases me.

-- I'm working on knitting down my stash, having now filled five decent-sized bins with yarn (I finally organized a whole bunch of previously unorganized yarn). I found a sweater's worth of yarn (all the same dyelot, even) I hadn't realized I had, so now I have to figure out what pattern I want to use.

-- Does anyone know the origin of the "five things make a post" idea? It's widespread, but I haven't figured out where it started.
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-- Winter-qua-winter is still a good month off, but today definitely feels like winter. Daytime highs in the mid-30s F, a good stiff wind making it feel like it's 8 degrees outside. Time to dig out the leggings, I do believe.

-- Introducing people who know each other: [personal profile] magid, re-meet [profile] autotruezone.

-- [personal profile] mabfan has Town Meeting this week, so I'm fending for myself most evenings. I've gotten random stuff done and writing (just a tad; I desperately need to do more) done, but mostly I have been knitting. And last night I spent a lovely chunk of time with [personal profile] lucretia_borgia.

-- I've been doing a Fawn Hall on a whole slew of old paperwork that we'd just never gotten around to getting rid of. Tell me, do I really need seven years ago's tracking forms of freelance projects that are now long over? I say no, so into the shredder they go.

-- For those of you in the general Brookline-Brighton-Allston area who may not have heard, the Barnes and Noble in Coolidge Corner is leaving. I see this as a complication, not only because we'll be down one bookstore but also because the B&N and Brookline Booksmith have developed something of a symbiotic relationship, with the Booksmith carrying more of the small press and indy press stuff and the B&N carrying the more mainstream stuff that Booksmith doesn't have shelf space for.
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-- BSG fans, should I be worried that I woke up this morning with the Jimi Hendrix version of "All Along the Watchtower" playing in my head?

-- I'm mostly making my own fun after work this week, because [personal profile] mabfan is working on a project for his class, and it's eating all of his available evenings and likely a decent chunk of the weekend. So far, my fun seems to be a combination of working on various freelance projects and getting together with friends.

-- I knit my way through the non-Shabbat portions of Readercon and at the end had a 99% done sock. I have since finished that sock and cast on the next one. I spent some time sitting on a chair at the doorway of the dealers' room on Friday, knitting away as [personal profile] mabfan chatted with some folks, and people kept stopping to ask me what I was working on or (if they were knitters themselves) what yarn I was using.

-- Learned while knitting in the dealers' room on Friday: If you are sitting in the doorway of the dealers' room, people will think you want to see their badges.

-- Going back to knitting, I'm up to the final rows of the back of the cardigan sweater I'm currently working on, and I have to say that a 264-stitch row takes forever to knit, even if you're a decently-fast knitter. I'm not going to be sad when I hit the end of this section.

-- The headphones I use at work are being bizarre. If I move them past a specific point along the tightness spectrum (tight against my head, I mean) to where they're most comfortable, the right ear goes dead. Considering these were relatively inexpensive headphones from Radio Snack Shack, I figure that the 3+ years I've gotten out of them is a good run. I may have to invest in another relatively inexpensive set soon, however.

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