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(Scene: Tonight we are hosting dinner for two couples and their kids. Tomorrow, one of the couples we are hosting tonight is hosting lunch for all of us. I was in the kitchen finishing up making the chocolate chip cookie bars that are our donation to tomorrow's lunch.)

Me: I think that we should try to get [our dinner guests] to take home tomorrow's dessert.

[personal profile] mabfan: That's a brilliant idea.

Me: You think we should?

[personal profile] mabfan: I think you're brilliant.

Me: You think I'm pretty without any makeup on? You think I'm funny when I tell the punchline wrong?

[personal profile] mabfan: Is that from something?
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Today is the 20th of May. Sit in an enormous chair and eat lots of chocolate.
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Tonight, my hypothetical rock group is either called The Redundant Mushrooms or No Redundant Mushrooms. What's your hypothetical rock group called?
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[profile] kradical shared this a couple of days ago. If you know the original song, this is brilliant. Even if you don't, it's funny. There's one obscenity in the lyrics, and the subject matter is risque, so it's not a song for everyone. But it made me giggle.

88 Lines About 44 Fangirls
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I knew I was in trouble when the PM running the 10:45 meeting I was in got to the QA report and said, "Jenny, I got your e-mail."

Because my brain then went, "I need to make you mine."
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On this day, 11 June, this happened.

Though most likely not quite this way.

(link is to music on YouTube)
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Fans of White Collar might be interested in the following Glee Casting Spoiler: )
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Scene: [ profile] mabfan and [ profile] gnomi are finishing breakfast with Muffin and Squeaker and planning the day. Muffin has expressed a desire to see "pictures" (which could be, in her mind, either still pictures or videos. Recently, she's been interested in butterflies.

[ profile] gnomi: What do you want to do?

Muffin: Firefly!

[ profile] mabfan: Firefly? Really?

Muffin: Yes.

[ profile] mabfan and [ profile] gnomi, singing in unison: Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand...
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The past few days, as I've been doing stuff in my kitchen, I've had two songs running through my head that I haven't thought of in about 20 years:

-- "I said a-boom-chicka-boom!" (OK, less of a song and more of a chant)
-- "Ain't gonna work on Saturday."

I have no clue why these have popped up in my brain, but there it is.
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-- Last night I found myself humming a song as I was falling asleep, after [personal profile] mabfan had turned out the bedroom light. What song? There is a Light That Never Goes Out.

-- A couple of nights ago, I came up with (what is possibly not unique) the idea of HyperSpace Transfer Protocol (HSTP). Not sure if it would be used to send items or information through hyperspace, but I was taken with it.
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In today's Brookline Parent column I talk about the musical selections preferred by Muffin and Squeaker. "Singing for Your Supper or Any Other Occasion" can be read here.
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Happy Liza Doolittle Day!

(and thanks to [personal profile] mabfan for reminding me.)
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-- I know I've been kind of quiet except for announcements of columns. Between Pesach (Passover) prep, Pesach itself, *recovering* from Pesach, and job searching, life's been busy. I'll strive to be more talky here, but no promises.

-- A posting on the Jewish Boston mailing list about someone trying to find a pre-season minyan on Cape Cod made me wonder about early Onset minyanim.

-- I've been and will be again chaperoning a couple's dates for religious reasons. If I have the brain to do so, I'll elaborate more in a later post.

-- I've come to the realization that I really like Shabbat morning Pesukei d'Zimrah (verses of praise, one of the early parts of the morning service).

-- Squeaker was convinced yesterday when [personal profile] mabfan was talking to [personal profile] osewalrus that it was Sabba (Hebrew for "grandfather"; what Muffin and Squeaker call my father) on the phone. I said, "No, that's Uncle [personal profile] osewalrus," and Squeaker just looked at me like I was nuts and said, emphatically, "Sabba!"

-- Muffin decided -- and convinced Squeaker -- that one of their tables, flipped over, is actually a slide like the ones they play on at the park. They now yell "Slide" and slide off the edge of the flipped-over table.

-- Help me. I think I'm becoming a Gleek.

-- Last week, [personal profile] mabfan and I watched the 1952 science fiction movie "This Island Earth." To then get the taste of that (honestly kind of wretched) film out of our brains, we watched the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, in which *they* watch an abridged version of "This Island Earth." We were both amused when the robots said almost exactly something I'd said while watching the movie the first time.

-- I'm in that "I have a bunch of things on needles and don't want to work on any of them" stage, but I haven't 100% figured out *what* I want to knit. I may cast on a pair of socks, just because. Or I may knit an elephant. Time will tell.
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Everybody sing!

"The Biltmore garage wants a grand..."

(I'm in a silly mood and attempting to test something with comments...)
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-- As I alluded to last week, I again have the "Early Erev Shabbat, Too Much Stuff to Do Before Licht Bentchen Blues."

-- While doing some of my Shabbat cooking on Wednesday night while [personal profile] mabfan was out at Town Meeting, I started composing a new musical: "Vegetable Cooking Spray!" (the more health-conscious sequel to "Grease!"). Two songs from it: "You're the Bowl That I Want" and "Greased Bundt Pan" ("Oh, greased bundt pan/I'll bake a lemon bundt cake in you.")

-- The reason I was cooking on Wednesday was that last night (since there was no Town Meeting, the issues having been covered in two nights) [personal profile] mabfan and I went to see a real movie, in a theater (or theatre) no less. We saw "The Social Network," which we'd both been interested in. Good film, and a fun night out thanks to very good friends who gave us the gift of babysitting. We left them with a sleeping Muffin and Squeaker, so they had a relaxing evening of videos while we had a night out.

-- We went to see the movie at the Chestnut Hill AMC, and on the way out of the movie we saw a bunch of folks lined up to see the midnight premiere of "Harry Potter." As we walked back to the Chestnut Hill T stop, we saw all sorts of people in Gryffindor scarves. It took me a minute, but I realized why Gryffindor was the most represented house: Gryffindor shares its colors with Boston College, which is within walking distance of the cinema.

-- Today I attended a mandatory seminar at The Work Place (mandated by the MA Department of Unemployment Assistance. I'd been concerned, because a Friday class in Standard Time, even a morning class, makes things tight for Shabbat prep (which is another reason I cooked on Wednesday). But much to my amazement, and very much appreciated, while we started ten minutes late to accommodate late arrivals, we ended at 10:57, giving me time to do the errands I was worried I'd have to skip if the class went long.
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After [personal profile] tsuki_no_bara posted that it was John Lennon's birthday today and linked to today's Google doodle, I found myself singing under my breath. However, I wasn't singing the correct lyrics. At least, I highly doubt John Lennon wrote it as "No Hell below us/above us Ione Skye.
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I have been offline since Friday because of Shabbat and Yom Kippur; please let me know if I missed anything.

But I come with an anecdote from Yom Kippur services at our synagogue. In the neighborhood around our shul, there is a large Russian population. Many of the Jews in this community are not particularly observant, but they come to shul for Yizkor, the memorial prayer said on one of the days of each of our three major holidays plus Yom Kippur. And despite signs on the doors in both English and Russian reminding people to turn off their cell phones (or, even better, to leave their phones at home), there are always phones that ring on Yizkor days. Today, the first one to ring was in the women's section, not far from where I was sitting. Its ring tone? "When the Saints Go Marching In."

** concentration
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[personal profile] mabfantold me that he ran into a friend of ours from shul on the T this evening. Apparently, our friend's teenaged son is off on a trip. Or, as [personal profile] mabfan said, "He says that Nathan's in Detroit."

My first thought? "Thanks to good old reliable..."

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