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Yesterday we hosted for Shabbat lunch. I made the following:
-- Roasted turkey
-- Herbed stuffing
-- Mashed potatoes
-- Roasted squash

([personal profile] mabfan is quite fond of Thanksgiving food, and we have a tradition of Shushan Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving Sheini/Sfeika d'Yoma) in our household.)

Our guests brought cookies that served as dessert. A fine time was had, five children (two of ours, three of our guests') ran around and were generally silly, and the adults had good conversation.

So now, even though we did not host actual Thanksgiving, we can still participate in the mitzvah of post-Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.
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This week, we're home for dinner and out for lunch. Our original set of guests (new neighbors and their two-year-old son), for whom this menu was originally tailored, had to cancel on us, but by then [ profile] mabfan and I were in the mood for fleishigs (meat) (which I had planned due to the new people factor). And thus we have same menu but different guests. Our new guests are three folks with whom we've been friends for a while.

And the menu is:

-- Grape juice & challah
-- Gefilte Fish a la Jen (though she says it's Meir Green's recipe)
-- Brisket a la lcNlc with potatoes and carrots (but no onions due to guest allergy)
-- Pasta salad to be brought by guest
-- Broccoli-rice casserole from a recipe I mostly made up
-- Brownies (recipe from [ profile] dancingdeer but without the peppermint or cocoanut)
-- Cookies from the same bakery where I got the challah
-- Coffee and/or tea for those that want
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Had a very productive last night-this morning. Thus:

-- Mexican lasagna: Done. Made last night.
-- H's cheese pie (recipe provided in comments from last night's post): In oven; will be done soon.
-- Quiche: Done. Made last night.
-- 2 Mac and Cheeses: In oven; will be done soon.
-- Blintzes to accompany one of the meals with guests: in oven; will be done soon.

I decided that (a) due to scheduling issues and (b) due to the projected heat, I would not bake challah and will buy it. That reduces my "amount time needed to cook everything" by three hours ([profile] lcmlc's challah is easy to make, but it has two one-hour rising periods plus about 60 total minutes of active prep).

Further refinement of menus:

-- Girlie Dinner I (that's tonight, pre-yom tov): Maybe eggs and sausages and roasted cauliflower.

-- Adult Dinner I: Like Girlie Dinner, but with dessert after kiddush/hamotzi

-- Lunch I: Mac and cheese (mostly pitched at kids), Mexican lasagna (mostly pitched at adults), side and dessert provided by guests

-- Girlie Dinner II: Quiche and/or cheese pie, blintzes, fresh sliced veggies

-- Adult Dinner II: Like Girlie Dinner, but with dessert after kiddush/hamotzi

-- Lunch II: at shul

Any leftovers will become Shabbat food.
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So today is the 48th day of the Omer (that's six Sylvester McCoys and a Colin Baker, for those of you counting along at home). Which means that the holiday of Shavuot starts tomorrow night. And thus, I have been planning food. Not *making* food yet, but at least planning:

We are in for three meals (two with guests, one just us) and out for one (all hail the shul luncheon).


-- Challah for three meals

Main dishes:

-- Mexican lasagna
-- H's cheese pie (an obvious Shavuot dish)
-- Quiche
-- 2 Mac and Cheeses (for the meal that will include four adults and five kids under the age of 10)

Other stuff:

-- Veggies for slicing
-- Blintzes to accompany one of the meals with guests


-- First dinner: no one

-- First lunch: two adults, three kids

-- Second dinner: two or possibly three adults

-- Second lunch: At the shul

All of the groceries are bought, and I will do cooking tonight and tomorrow.
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I haven't done one of these in a while...

We're out for lunch, so here's the dinner menu:

-- Challah (recipe from [profile] lcmlc) (the whole building now smells of fresh-baked challah)

-- Oven-baked ziti with three cheeses (recipe from Epicurious (which always makes me wonder why they have to say "oven-baked"; how else would it be baked?)

-- Swiss Veggie Medley (recipe from [personal profile] mabfan's former colleague Bill)

-- Roasted cauliflower (recipe from wife-of-[profile] maric23)

-- Chocolate chip cookie bars (my own recipe, adapted from myriad others)
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Tonight begins the last of the fall holiday sweep, Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. I will be offline from this afternoon through probably Monday morning.

So far, I have gotten a lot accomplished for the holiday. At T -not quite two hours, I have the following:

-- Challah: done
-- Roasted garlic for the challah: done
-- Honey butter: butter softening so I can mix in the honey
-- Corn chowder: done
-- Lasagna: in oven
-- Honey glazed ginger carrots: done
-- Corn kugel a la ALB: done
-- Brownies (mint-and-chocolate glazed?): brownies done and cooled; toppings to be done soon

And I posted everything for my work deadline, too.

So, Shabbat shalom and chag sameach to those who are celebrating, and everyone should have a good weekend!
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We're home for two meals, hosting for one. Here's my current mental menu:

-- Challah
-- Maybe roasted garlic for the challah
-- Maybe honey butter
-- Corn chowder
-- Lasagna
-- Some veggie or other (honey glazed ginger carrots? roasted marinated string beans?)
-- Maybe corn kugel a la ALB (is corn chowder and corn kugel too much corn?)
-- Brownies (mint-and-chocolate glazed?)
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[personal profile] mabfan had his wisdom teeth out yesterday, so the theme of this week's Shabbat meal is "relatively easy to eat." We're alone for dinner and have one guest for lunch. So, here's what I made or am making for the meals:


-- Challah and grape juice
-- Corn chowder
-- Ice cream for dessert


-- Challah and grape juice
-- Mixed berry soup (recipe from The Moosewood Cookbook)
-- Baked ziti with three cheeses (recipe from Epicurious)
-- Cheese pie (recipe from [profile] introverte)
-- Baked squash (method stolen from [profile] beckyfeld)
-- Ice cream for dessert

At this point (T = Shabbat -4.75 hours), everything is made but the cheese pie and the berry soup.

ETA: At T = Shabbat -3 hours (5:07 PM), DONE!
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This Shabbat, we're out for dinner (though I'm making dessert -- brownies) and home with guests for lunch. My menu is mostly based on requests from one of the guests (the other guest, being under 2, doesn't really get a vote on the menu). So, here's what I've got planned:

-- Gazpacho
-- Macaroni and cheese (requested by guest)
-- Some veggie (maybe a salad? Maybe something else?)
-- Mint brownies (requested by guest)

Plus, of course, challah and grape juice. Perhaps I will roast a head of garlic to go on the challah (as it reheats nicely on the electric hotplate).
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So, here's how the weekend happened:


-- Worked from home
-- Had morning doctor's appointment
-- After work, finished food for dinner (did most of cooking on Thursday, but was afraid there wasn't enough food, so added a dish at almost the last minute)*
-- Set up for Shabbat dinner and Shabbat in general
-- Sent [personal profile] mabfan off to shul (he had yahrtzeit for his mother on Shabbat) about 10 minutes after he got home from work
-- Lit candles just a few minutes into the 18 minutes
-- Set table and then read and waited for guests to arrive
-- Guests came in waves, until all eight of us (including [personal profile] mabfan and the two friends meeting him at shul) had arrived
-- Dinner filled with fun conversation and followed by Settlers of Catan
-- Eventually, sleep


-- Up early for shul
-- Really enjoying shorter walk (with significantly less hill) to shul
-- [personal profile] mabfan and I sponsored kiddush in honor of his mother's yahrtzeit, and people thanked us for the extras (red peppers and clementines) we had
-- Home for lunch after shul
-- Very brief nap
-- Back to shul for Mincha and Shalosh Seudot and Ma'ariv because [personal profile] mabfan was the speaker at Shalosh Seudot
-- Home after Ma'ariv, with two potential events to attend
-- In the end, decided to attend neither event. Instead, unpacked some more boxes of books and relaxed.
-- Sleep relatively early for a Saturday night, but we needed it.


-- Up around 8:30
-- Unpacked more boxes of books. We most likely need additional bookcases (this is not particularly a surprise)
-- Out to Harvard St. to do errands and then meet a friend for lunch
-- Birthday party for friends' one-year-old daughter
-- Out to Lexington for dinner with relatives. Discovered on way from Alewife to house in Lexington that there had been illness in house earlier that day. Decided to not have dinner in Lexington.
-- Returned to Brookline and had dinner at Rubins, as [personal profile] mabfan was in the mood for chicken, and our place is set up milchig.
-- Home after dinner
-- Got things ready for going to work on Monday
-- Watched some TV
-- Cursorily watched Superbowl (mostly for commercials)
-- Sleep after end of game

*Final menu for Friday night dinner was: roasted garlic to go on challah; starter of black bean and chocolate chili from Moosewood; main course of Mexican Lasagna, [profile] introverte's cheese kugel, and vegetable stew from Moosewood; dessert of chocolate chip cookie bars and vanilla ice cream.
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Guests for both meals this week, two for dinner and four (plus a baby) for lunch.

Now, yes, I realize that it's Shabbat during the Nine Days, and therefore it is common to be sure to have meat on Shabbat, but (a) next week we also have a Shabbat of the Nine Days, so we could do meat then and (b) it's too hot for me to flip my kitchen.


Friday Dinner:

-- Challah, grape juice
-- Olive oil and zaatar for the challah
-- Mixed berry soup
-- Three-cheese baked ziti
-- Honey-ginger glazed carrots
-- Roasted, marinated green beans
-- Dessert brought by guests

Shabbat Lunch:

-- Challah, grape juice
-- Olive oil and zaatar for the challah
-- Mixed berry soup
-- Tortellini with mustard-pesto sauce
-- Honey-ginger glazed carrots
-- Broccoli-rice casserole
-- Dessert brought by guests
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Lunch, up to four guests (three so far confirmed), weather predicted to be 86F and partly cloudy.

-- Challah with olive oil, zaatar, maybe roasted garlic

-- Gazpacho

-- Baked shells in cream sauce with cauliflower (recipe from On Top of Spaghetti)

-- Bill's Swiss Cheese Vegetable Medley (recipe from [personal profile] mabfan's former coworker)

-- Another veggie? Another starch?

-- Dessert of some sort
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So, here we are, heading into Yom Tov. Food is finishing up, with the following menu:

-- Fruit soup (recipe from Moosewood Cookbook, with my adaptations)
-- Lasagna (recipe from Aunt Gloria)
-- Cheese kugel (recipe from [profile] introverte)
-- Swiss vegetable medley (recipe from former coworker of [personal profile] mabfan
-- Chocolate cheese pie with berries and splorp (recipe originally from [personal profile] scarlettina with my adaptations)

The plants are watered (I did that before Shabbat), the hot plate is set up but not yet turned on, the candles (both the ones for Yom Tov and the ones to provide the flame to light from) are in place but not yet lit... considering that this morning at 10:00 I didn't yet have my groceries, I think I'm in decent shape. :-)

Good yom tov, all who are celebrating, and I'll be back on Wednesday.
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Or, the return of the menu skeleton:

-- Grape juice
-- Challah
-- Stuff to put on challah: olive oil, zaatar, maybe roasted garlic
-- Starter of some sort (is it too whatever to do corn chowder as a starter?) Corn Chowder
-- Baked ziti
-- Veggie of some sort (marinated cauliflower salad, maybe? maybe ginger and garlic broccoli?) Ginger and Garlic Broccoli
-- Dessert (either chocolate chip cookie bars or, perhaps, chocolate carrot cake. Or, if I'm feeling ambitious, both.)
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So, this week we're out for dinner and home (with one possible guest) for lunch. Menu (well, most of one):

-- Challah
-- Grape juice
-- Maybe a starter, maybe not
-- Three-cheese macaroni and cheese
-- Some sort of vegetable (maybe a salad, since we have many salad crunchies left over from Arisia)
-- Chewy cocoa cookies with chocolate chips

I'm doing the mac & cheese cooking tonight while [personal profile] mabfan is in class. I'll pick up whatever I'm doing for a starter (if I do one) and a veggie either tonight or tomorrow and be as creative as I can be. There may still be some green beans in my fridge; if there are, maybe I can convince them to become roasted-marinated green beans with garlic and onions. If so, those'll be cooked tonight, as well.
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Made last night:

-- Dough for homemade challah

Made today:

-- Challah (formed and baked)
-- Chicken soup with matzah balls
-- Turkey
-- Stuffing (well, dressing, since it's outside the bird)
-- Cranberry-apricot chutney
-- Steamed broccoli
-- Mashed potatoes
-- Pumpkin pie (2)
-- Brownies

And now it's about 10 minutes to candle lighting, and then I'm going to collapse.

Have a good weekend, all!
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So, [personal profile] mabfan and I are going to [personal profile] osewalrus's parents' place for Thanksgiving, but I'm randomly in the mood to cook Thanksgiving-appropriate food. So, I figured, why not do so for Shabbat dinner. Here's the menu I'm thinking of right now:

-- Turkey
-- Herbed stuffing I made in 2004
-- Mashed potatoes? Sweet potatoes? Both?
-- Ginger and garlic broccoli
-- Pumpkin bread?
-- Some dessertly thing that I'll figure out
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Shabbat dinner menu

-- Grape juice
-- Challah with olive oil and zaatar
-- Roasted garlic
-- Curried lentil soup
-- Honey ginger-glazed carrots
-- Mushrooms Stroganoff (with added non-meat)
-- Mexican brownies
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Since we're out for lunch, I bring you... dinner:

-- Challah
-- Grape juice
-- Chilled berry soup (from The Moosewood Cookbook with my own adjustments)
-- Santa Fe bean salad
-- Spanish rice
-- Strawberry shortcake
-- Possibly more berries not used for the soup
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No guests for dinner; guests for lunch. Menu very similar for both, so here's the basics:

-- Challah and grape juice
-- Gaspacho
-- Santa Fe Bean Salad
-- Spanish Rice
-- Post-Modernist Strawberry Shortcake (name courtesy of [profile] elul_3)

As things to have with the challah, I'll be putting out roasted garlic and olive oil and zaatar. There will also be honey, since we're having a couple of newlyweds at our lunch table (there's a minhag (tradition) to serve honey with the challah for the first year of a marriage).

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