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In today's The Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan discusses Muffin's night terrors and the impact it has been having on us all.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent, I write about how [personal profile] mabfan and I try to find some downtime with the girls in our busy lives.
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In the new The Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan discusses the funny things that Muffin and Squeaker say.
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New holiday-themed The Brookline Parent column up! Read about how Muffin and Squeaker celebrate Sukkot!
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In this week’s (slightly early, due to Rosh Hashanah) “The Brookline Parent” column, [personal profile] mabfan discusses the ways in which Muffin and Squeaker remain irrational.
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In this week's "The Brookline Parent" column, I talk about the changes we've had to make to accommodate our new schedule.
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So, it's that time of year, when the students return (like swallows to Capistrano) to Boston. And thus it is time for yet another "[ profile] gnomi explains it all" post. Not that any of the people this post is directed toward will actually see it, but it'll make me feel better.

1. You see that thing in front of you? It's a Really Big Street. Running across it while those fast-moving things (we call them "cars") are barrelling down at you will hurt you more than it will hurt the cars.

2. Moving trucks, while useful, should not completely block any of the following: driveways, sidewalks, crosswalks, intersections. We know you have to move your stuff. However, some of us have to live here, too.

3. Speaking of crosswalks, please learn how to use them. No, really. They're not there purely for the amusement of line painters.

4. Ah, the T. Yes, it's a subway system. Yes, it gets you and your obnoxious friends from place to place. But it is not solely yours. The other commuters might want to be able to, say, read their newspapers free of your loud, obscene comments at 7:15 in the morning. Or even at 5:30 at night.

5. Also, you see those big signs in the T stations that say "There is no smoking permitted on MBTA property?" Those do apply to you. And they apply regardless of what you're choosing to smoke. I'm just saying.

6. We know you're eager to get on the train. But you and your aforementioned obnoxious friends are just making it harder for everyone if you're blocking the door, keeping those of us in the train from getting out. This also applies to people blocking the doors when inside the train; if you move out of the doorway, people will be able to get off the train and you will get to your destination faster.

7. While we're talking trains and etiquette, let's tackle getting to and from those trains. You see the escalator? It comfortably accommodates two people per stair. But here's the deal. Stay to the right if you want to stand and let the moving stairs propel you upwards. Stay to the left if you wish to walk up the stairs. This is established local tradition, and there's no need for the commuters to have to slalom purely because you and your aforementioned obnoxious friends can't be bothered to notice all the people standing to the right of the stairs.

8. Bicycles are great. We're all for them. In fact, we have bike lanes on some of our major streets. Please, however, pay attention to the following important fact: Bicycles are subject to the same laws as the cars if you're riding on the street (which, for the most part, you should be; many municipalities have laws against riding on sidewalks). This means that you have to stop when the light is red and allow the pedestrians to walk. This does not mean that you should barrel through the crosswalk and curse out the pedestrians who have the gumption to get into the crosswalk when you want to be there (despite the fact that they, not you, have the light).

So, welcome to Boston. Keeping these things in mind will make your life much simpler and will also prevent me from thwacking you with my elbow as I strive to get to or from work.

Thank you,
The management.

*Or, whenever I remember to post it or am reminded to post it.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan writes about the journey that got us here as Muffin and Squeaker get ready to start Kindergarten.
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In the new The Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan takes on the subject of Muffin and Squeaker's obsession with music from "Frozen."
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In this week’s column, the girls have a fifth birthday party with minimal time for preparation. Everyone has a great time and gets balloon sculptures and face paintings.
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In this week’s The Brookline Parent, [personal profile] mabfan discusses the Supreme Court case that started in Massachusetts and on which the Court ruled 9-0 was unconstitutional. The incident that prompted the law that was the subject of the lawsuit was not just local; it happened here in Brookline, and he was nearby when it happened.
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So… how’s your week going? Mine’s been…interesting. Want to know how interesting, and how Muffin and Squeaker reacted? Read the new The Brookline Parent column.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan discusses recent minor medical emergencies experienced by the girls.
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In this week's column, [personal profile] mabfan discusses the "firsts" in the girls' lives that we've missed.Click here to read "Missing the Firsts."
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As [personal profile] mabfan puts it in the column, We're Back!. Come read the new column and catch up with us!
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It’s been two weeks since our last The Brookline Parent column, “The Mommy Blogging Question,” was published, and we’re sad to have to tell our friends and fans that it’ll probably be the last column for a while. Brookline Patch has decided to go in a new direction, one that doesn’t include our bi-weekly parenting column.

We’d like to thank Neal Simpson, Grahame Turner, and Nate Homan, the three Brookline Patch editors with whom we worked, for their stewardship of our work. We’d particularly like to thank Neal, for suggesting the column in the first place all the way back in 2010 and giving us a chance to try our hand at it. Although we’re both writers and editors, writing a parenting column wasn’t something either of us had tried before. We’d like to think that it was a success, and from everything our readers have told us, it was.

We’d also like to remind our readers that our 60 columns, covering two years in the lives of Muffin and Squeaker, are still published on the Brookline Patch site for the world to enjoy. From time to time, if something reminds us of a column we wrote, we’ll be sure to link to it.

We are hoping that this won’t be the final parenting column that we write. At the moment, we’ve been exploring other options for our column, looking for a paying media outlet interested in our ruminations as the parents of twins. (And we’ve been thinking of writing a book.) That said, if you know of any newspaper or website interesting in running a column by us on raising twins, feel free to point them in our direction.
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We will now indulge in a bit of meta, as in this week's The Brookline Parent column on BrooklinePatch [personal profile] mabfan discusses "mommy blogging" and the pros and cons of writing publicly on the Internet about one's children. Click to read The Mommy Blogging Question.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, I take a look back at how things have changed for our kids since the beginning of 2012. Muffin and Squeaker have grown and matured in a variety of ways, and some of those ways might not be what you'd expect.

Go read My, How We've Grown to see, well, how they've grown.
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In the wake of last week's news out of Newtown, CT, [personal profile] mabfan and I use this week's The Brookline Parent column to write an open letter to Muffin and Squeaker. Click to read Dear Muffin and Squeaker.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column on Brookline Patch, [personal profile] mabfan discusses Brookline Town Meeting's recent votes to ban polystyrene cups and plastic grocery bags. What is the connection between these votes and Muffin and Squeaker? Read Roots in the Future to find out. And if you're a fan of either "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon" or "Babylon 5," there's a little bonus for you.

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