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Tomorrow night we search for the chametz, and here's where preparations stand:


-- Kasher sink
-- Cover counter next to sink
-- Wash kitchen floor
-- Search for chametz

[personal profile] mabfan has an event tomorrow night, but what's left I can definitely handle on my own, and we'll search for chametz when he comes home.
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-- Matzah
-- Cottage cheese
-- Tomato sauce
-- Lactaid milk *GET BEFORE PESACH*
-- Mozzerella cheese
-- Veggies for salad

CVS Stuff

-- Ass't meds (Sudafed, Benadryl, Tylenol, Mucinex, etc.)
-- Toothpaste
-- Toothbrushes (or find the ones in the back room)
-- Mouthwash
-- Dental floss (both precut and regular)
-- Stick deodorant for N
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*subject to rearrangement

Key: Things completed are crossed out; things moved to another day are italicized.


-- Vacuum living room floor
-- Kitchen: clean table, counters, and stovetop; kasher oven (as of 1 PM, in progress); do tablecloth and towel laundry; move pesach fridge to location and plug in


-- Vacuum dining room, change table pad on dining room table
-- Kitchen: move or cover items to be sold as chametz, clean and kasher microwave, change table pad on kitchen table, cover counters except one next to sink


-- Kitchen: clean and kasher sink, cover counter next to sink, wash floor
-- Search for chametz
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For those of you following the arrival of the Nomi & Michael Show in New York City, here's the current schedule. Feel free to skip to the relevant part for yourself.

Thursday we seem to be pretty much booked up. [ profile] popfiend, you're on our list to try to stop by and see in the late afternoon. [ profile] dianora2, if you're around, we'd love to see you too.

Michael will be taping his radio show interview in the early afternoon, while Nomi and [ profile] running_girl4 wander the seaport. [personal profile] mabfan will meet up with them after his interview. Anyone else want to join us?

Shabbat. Booked.

We plan to drop our stuff at Penn Station and then wander around New York is Book Country in Central Park from about 10 am to 12:30 pm. Anyone is welcome to join us there.

Following that, we plan to have lunch at Mr Broadway, a kosher restaurant at Broadway and 38th Street, at 1 pm. So far, it seems as if [ profile] jjbaker, [ profile] mamadeb, [ profile] ennienyc and [ profile] nojojojo are interested in meeting us. Anyone else who wants to join us, reply here or e-mail so we know the number of people.

If you need our cell phone info, drop me e-mail.
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Things to pack (mostly not on Perpetual Packing Protocol, as I won't forget things on the PPP):

-- Shirts (short sleeve) for F, Su
-- Sweater or purple fleece, in case weather turns colder (?)
-- Skirts for F, Su
-- Shabbat outfit(s)
-- Something to wear to the theatre on Thursday night? (Do people still dress up for the theatre? Should I wear one of my Shabbat outfits?)
-- Smalls for F-Su plus extra set
-- PJs (on PPP)
-- Fancier sandals for Shabbat

Stuff I wear, not clothing:
-- Earrings
-- Dress watch(es)
-- Spare contact lenses (on PPP)
-- Spare glasses (on PPP)

Stuff [personal profile] mabfan wears:
-- Talit
-- T'filin

Non-Clothing, Non-PPP:
-- Drowsy Chaperone and South Pacific CD booklets
-- Book to return to the dentist
-- Central Park map
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Or, the return of the menu skeleton:

-- Grape juice
-- Challah
-- Stuff to put on challah: olive oil, zaatar, maybe roasted garlic
-- Starter of some sort (is it too whatever to do corn chowder as a starter?) Corn Chowder
-- Baked ziti
-- Veggie of some sort (marinated cauliflower salad, maybe? maybe ginger and garlic broccoli?) Ginger and Garlic Broccoli
-- Dessert (either chocolate chip cookie bars or, perhaps, chocolate carrot cake. Or, if I'm feeling ambitious, both.)
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More stuff done tonight:

-- Give stovetop one more scrubbing
-- Scrub out oven
-- Cover stovetop
-- Kasher stovetop
-- Kasher oven
-- Kasher sink
-- Wash and cover counters

-- Put away last of chametz (into pantry) (except for one remaining pareve cookie)
-- Change tablecloths (both kitchen and dining room)
-- Wash kitchen floor
-- Sweep/vacuum dining room floor

-- Clean and kasher microwave
-- Towel and tablecloth laundry

Oven is finishing its kashering cycle now; the tablecloth in the dining room will be changed when [personal profile] mabfan gets home from class, and then we'll search for the chametz.

Also done today: got other thing I needed at CVS; brought Pesach stuff up from basement storage.

Remaining to do: find someone to eat that last cookie (tonight, preferably); biur chametz (tomorrow morning, before work); check car trunk for any hiding groceries (tomorrow after work; I don't think there are any); take down garbage and recycling (tomorrow before we head out to the abode of my parental units); take "We're asleep till next Pesach" note off Omer counter (can be done after Y"T).

There's a light over at the Frankenstein place at the end of the tunnel!
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-- Give stovetop one more scrubbing
-- Scrub out oven

-- Cover stovetop
-- Kasher stovetop
-- Kasher oven
-- Kasher sink
-- Wash and cover counters
-- Put away last of chametz (into pantry) (except for one remaining pareve cookie)
-- Change tablecloths (both kitchen and dining room)
-- Wash kitchen floor
-- Sweep/vacuum dining room floor
-- Clean and kasher microwave
-- Towel and tablecloth laundry

So, progress.
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Was very productive yesterday. Apartment now at point that I can do the rest of the stuff over the course of the week, to wit:

-- Give stovetop one more scrubbing
-- Scrub out oven
-- Kasher stovetop
-- Kasher oven
-- Kasher sink
-- Wash and cover counters
-- Cover stovetop
-- Put away last of chametz (into pantry)
-- Change tablecloths (both kitchen and dining room)
-- Wash kitchen floor
-- Sweep/vacuum dining room floor
-- Clean and kasher microwave
-- Towel and tablecloth laundry

Most of this will have to wait for Wednesday/Thursday, as we are still living in Chametzville this week.
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-- Finish TARDIS
-- Figure out what I want to bring to knit
-- Figure out food for meals
-- Figure out food for birthday thingy
-- Flail
-- Bake for birthday thingy
-- Post my schedule so people can find me at-con
-- Figure out clothing to be packed
-- Pack
-- Flail some more
-- Figure out logistics for getting me and stuff to con
-- Decide if all Who-related knitting (two Daleks, K-9, and the aforementioned TARDIS) is coming to con (because of one panel I'm on)
-- Find pics brought last year for aforementioned panel
-- Update resources list for aforementioned panel
-- Print and photocopy resources list for aforementioned panel
-- Flail yet more
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So, [personal profile] mabfan and I are going to [personal profile] osewalrus's parents' place for Thanksgiving, but I'm randomly in the mood to cook Thanksgiving-appropriate food. So, I figured, why not do so for Shabbat dinner. Here's the menu I'm thinking of right now:

-- Turkey
-- Herbed stuffing I made in 2004
-- Mashed potatoes? Sweet potatoes? Both?
-- Ginger and garlic broccoli
-- Pumpkin bread?
-- Some dessertly thing that I'll figure out
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Shabbat dinner, it's going to be just [personal profile] mabfan and me, but for lunch we're having friends over. Current lunch menu looks like this:

-- Challah and grape juice
-- Olive oil and zaatar for the challah
-- ?Roasted garlic for the challah
-- Gazpacho (provided by [profile] aunt_becca)
-- Three-cheese baked ziti
-- Some vegetable or other, to be figured out stillRoasted, marinated green bean salad
-- Maybe another side?
-- Fruit (provided by [profile] sarsmicama)
-- Maybe chocolate cheese pie
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Inspired by a typo in last week's similarly themed post and a subsequent comment by [profile] 530nm330hz, a memelet:

Help me plan my Shabbat menu in the comments. Then post your Shabbat menu outline in your own blog....

It looks like I'm making both dinner and lunch this Shabbat, with one confirmed guest for both meals and a couple of possible others. The basic plot meal outline is as follows:

-- Challah and grape juice (maybe offer remains of last week's wine, as well)

-- Starter

-- Main dish (meat)

-- Side (vegetable)

-- Side (starch)

-- Dessert

I'm leaning toward beef for one meal and chicken for the other, but I'm flexible. I have lots of sides recipes that are good either cold or hot. I haven't made a Yerushalmi kugel in a good long while, so maybe I'll make one of those.

Side note: similarly themed post? similarly-themed post? [profile] beths_stanley, any hyphen-related insights? ;-)

Suggestions, anyone?
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Yeah, I know it's Wednesday... some of you will say, "That's too early to think about Shabbat food." Some of you will say, "You're just starting now?" Eh, such is the way of the [personal profile] gnomiVerse.

So, here's this week's thoughts. We're having three guests for dinner and being guests elsewhere for lunch. I'm only cooking dinner, therefore, and am playing with menus. My current thought is:

-- Challah
-- Grape juice
-- Some sort of starter (maybe g'fish, maybe cold soup of some sort... still thinking)Cucumber soup
-- Malaysian Chicken Curry
-- Basmati rice
-- Some sort of veggie Honey-glazed ginger carrots
-- Dessert of some type Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Yeah, so... not so much a menu as an outline. But this'll give me a chance to ponder without forgetting what I've already come up with.
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Leaving tomorrow morning, to arrive Thursday in Virginia for EPICon.

Meeting all interested parties at Mr. Broadway tomorrow for dinner at 6:30 PM. If you are thinking of coming and haven't told me yes/no yet, please do so by tomorrow at 4 PM so I know how many folks I should be expecting.

I guarantee I will fall behind on LJ while I'm gone.

Have a great weekend, all.
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OK... here's what I've come up with for a dinner plan for tomorrow:

Mr. Broadway, 1372 Broadway (at 38th Street).

If I call it for 6:30 PM, will folks be able to meet me? Or is 7 better?
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OK, so...

Suddenly, we've got to have a space to hold a shiva. And, unfortunately, our apartment is currently not in a state to hold such a thing (read, there's still lots of stuff in the living room that needs to be put away before we can have people come over).

But! We have a Cunning Plan.

The lovely and talented [personal profile] farwing agreed to help coordinate a crew to come in and box stuff and put it in our downstairs storage area. Anyone in the Brookline/Boston area who is able and willing to come and help in this effort will have our everlasting gratitude.

ETA: The crew is requested for our apartment here in Brookline.
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And now, another entry in the category of " things about [personal profile] gnomi make much more sense":

A snippet of conversation with my mother:

Me: So, I'm looking at flights to Norfolk, VA.

Ima: You should look into Southwest, see if their prices are good.

Me: Yeah, but they only fly out of [TF] Green and... uh... Purple*.

Ima (without a beat): Right. You know, they're starting a shuttle to Purple, so it's easier to get to.

*Purple, in this case, is Manchester, NH, which is no closer distance-wise to my parents than Logan but is closer to them in terms of actual travel time. Since [profile] beckyfeld is within commuter-train distance of BWI, Ima frequently goes Southwest from Manchester to BWI.
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What airport is closest to Virginia Beach, VA?

Is there anything resembling kosher food in the Virginia Beach, VA, area?

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