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Does Neal speak/understand Hebrew? Remind me from "Threads" -- did he eavesdrop on Ghovat?
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A coworker is wondering where this quote comes from:

"Meet me behind the warehouse at midnight...and don't forget the penguin!"
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Considering wireless printers. There seem to be a number of available options from good brands (Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Lexmark) at under $100. Anyone have recommendations or, alternatively, anti-recommendations? We need one that's compatible with Apple products (not just the laptops but also iPad and iPhone).

(also asked on Sefer HaPanim*, so if you answered there, ignore this.)

*Sefer = book; Panim = face; Ha = the
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...does anyone know of ultra-observant Jewish groups that say that humans should not explore space, based on Tehilim (Psalms) 115:16 (הַשָּׁמַיִם שָׁמַיִם לַה' וְהָאָרֶץ נָתַן לִבְנֵי-אָדָם -- "The heavens are heavens of the Lord, but the earth He gave to the children of men")?
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Can anyone suggest real-time video capture software for the Mac that is either (a)free or (b) inexpensive? I have been asked to look into making some videos of how to use a specific software package, and something that can capture video of what I'm doing while I do it is what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
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Is it nolad if I put frozen food on the platta on Shabbat?
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Is 46 degree weather too warm to serve cholent with Shabbat lunch?
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My father is driving down to Maryland in a couple of weeks, and he is looking for kosher restaurant recommendations in the area between the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Garden State Parkway. Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

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I have been going through some old knitting projects and seeing what I might want to work on. I came across this scarf, which I remember being a fun project to work on, but I cannot seem to find the pattern anywhere. Can anyone out there help?

Scarf in Progress
Scarf in Progress

It's on US size 10.5 needles in a chunky yarn.

Any and all hints are appreciated.
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As I used it in a comment in a friend's locked post, I wondered: am I the only one that uses "cranking" to mean "expressing my crankiness," as in "I was cranking to [personal profile] mabfan this morning about the appearance of Halloween ads in August."

I know there are words in my idiolect that are solely mine (or, if they're used by others, they got it from me): obnoxia (the noun form of obnoxious: "I can't believe that guy's obnoxia!" (pronounced "ob-nausea")), snacquisition (the acquisition of snacks), and procrastikniting (knitting in order to avoid another project) are just three examples. So if it is just mine, I would completely believe it. I'm just curious.
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(I have an opinion, but I am interested in what others think.)

A Conundrum

Aug. 9th, 2010 03:42 pm
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I got home from the grocery store to find a jar of dried rosemary leaves in my bag that I did not purchase. It *is* hechshered (certified kosher) and it is the brand I buy. But I didn't pull it from the shelf, and it does not appear on my receipt.

Do I:

1. Return it to the store and explain that it was in my bag and I didn't pay for it (running the risk that they will think I shoplifted it and am now feeling remorse)?

2. Go back to the store and give them money for the jar of rosemary?

3. Keep and use the rosemary (I put it in tomato sauces and other tasty food)?

I like rosemary, and I use it, but I wasn't due to buy more for a while yet. Thus my conundrum.


ETA: I called this morning, and they said I *could* come in and pay for it or return it, but it was fine with them if I just kept it.
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Do you like quiche? Tell me your favorite type (vegetarian only, please).
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This Shabbat(24 April) we read the haftarah of Acharei Mot, even though it's Acharei Mot-Kedoshim, right? According to the source I have, we read Amos 9: 7-15 as the haftarah for Acharei Mot-Keodshim for Ashkenazim according to the RaMaH, not Yechezkel 22: 1-19.

Can anyone confirm this for me?
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I have a one-pound container of ricotta cheese from which I have used about 1/2 c. I now have the rest of the container to use up (I use ricotta mostly in full-container amounts for lasagna or baked ziti or whatever). So... please gimme recipes!
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...that occurred to me over Shabbat:

If one is eating in the home of a couple whose children are all adopted, does one say v'et zar'am* in the Choose Your Own Adventure harachaman** in bentching***?

*"and their offspring," literally "and their seed"
** "the compassionate one," the first word of a series of blessings
*** the blessings after meals ("bentching" is Yiddish; in Hebrew, it is called "Birkat HaMazon," the blessing of the sustenance)
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First, I want to apologize for being sort of content-light this week so far. Things have been busy since last Friday. I will strive to provide more interesting content than just birthday greetings.

And now my food question. When I was growing up, my mother made French toast (vive la France!) (sorry, that's a French toast. Never mind) using leftover (and sometimes vaguely stale, because if it's going to be soaked in egg and milk, staleness doesn't matter) challah. And in my own kitchen, I can't imagine making French toast with anything else. But I know that most American households' freezers are not as filled with half-loaves of challah as mine is. Which led me to wonder -- what sort of bread do people traditionally use for French toast?

ETA: My mother's challah recipe.
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I bake pareve desserts (other than [profile] dancingdeer's brownies) very rarely. For Shabbat this week, we're out for both meals, but I volunteered to bring dessert for lunch. I have a milchig (dairy) cake recipe that calls for one cup of milk (that's the only thing that makes it dairy), and I was contemplating substituting a cup of soy milk. If I were to do so, do I have to adjust cooking times at all? Is there anything I should be aware of (other than a chance of a slight change in flavor)?
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So, for Shabbat dinner, we're hosting a bunch of folks, and I've started doing the cooking because there are a lot of things to be made from scratch. However, I think I may have slightly overbought a couple of ingredients that won't last forever (in other words, produce). The things I know I have that are extra are celery (can't just buy the three or four stalks I need for the recipes, alas) and green pepper (I didn't know until I'd chopped all of it that I probably have about 1/2 c. too much).

I also have extra can (14.5 oz) of diced tomatoes and a bunch of other random ingredients in my pantry.

So, I turn to you lovely folks. Can anyone suggest a recipe that incorporates the above ingredients (not necessarily the diced tomatoes, but for sure the perishables) and that isn't overly time consuming to make?

Thanks in advance.
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Can anyone tell me where I might be able to procure under-cabinet lighting at a decent price in the Greater Boston area? Our kitchen is too dark, and I'm thinking that under-cabinet lighting will do a lot to mitigate this problem.

Any guidance is greatfully accepted.

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