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Dutch art heist museum says security system in order

(From Reuters, here.)
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...or did E Online accidentally use structural ambiguity to imply that there was a time limit on Matt Bomer's orientation?
And even if the White Collar star did publicly aknowledge [sic] he was gay earlier this year*, he's not about to start spilling anytime soon.

*Emphasis mine.

(from the otherwise lovely piece here)
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Here's one that I see smart, well-educated people using, and it drives me nigh on bonkers.

remuneration: Payment for work done.

renumeration: Not a dictionary word. Were it one, it would likely mean "the act of renumbering."
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I realize that the desire was to write an article about the upcoming retirement of Smith College's president, but did you really have to go with a Dek (subheadline) of "Search underway to replace Christ"? Don't you think religious issues have been making headlines enough recently?

Yours most sincerely,
The freelance editor who giggled loudly on the Green Line this morning

ETA: The obligatory screenshot (click to enlarge):

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Greek Uprising Shaped California Educator in Pepper-Spray Storm

(From here.)

(crash blossom)
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As I was putting my challah dough together (it's Thursday night, which around here sometimes means the baking of challah), I noticed this flashy new declaration on the sugar bag:

Oh, Sugar!
Oh, Sugar!

C12H22O11 without the carbon? Neat trick!
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I got the following transit alert this morning:

Route 66 experiencing 15-20 min delays due to passenger assistance.

To quote Casey McCall, "We got all kinds of sentence construction here."
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Dear media:

A usage note -- names that end with s *can* be made possessive, but both of these examples are incorrect:

Elizabeth Edward’s reasons are her own, and she’s justified to make them. Who are we to sit in judgment?

(from here)

On Aug. 14, 2007, Nathans was struck in the head attempting to stop a bat-wielding Jose Offerman, the former Red Sox second baseman, who charged the mound after being hit by a pitch in a game between the Bridgeport Blues and the Long Island Ducks in the independent Atlantic League. Bridgeport pitcher John Beech suffered a broken middle finger on his non-pitching hand but was spared further injury thanks to Nathan's actions.

(from here)

Both Mr. Nathans and Mrs. Edwards deserve their names' final s-es. If you feel like making their names possessive, you can use "Mr. Nathans's" or "Mrs. Edwards's"; some style guides will allow you to use "Mr. Nathans'" and "Mrs. Edwards'" if you don't like multiple uses of s. But removing the s from the end of their names is unacceptable.

Please make a note of this for the future. Thank you.
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Apparently, lots of people:

Almost a Quarter of US Homeowners Are Underwater

I know it's been raining, but I didn't think it had been *that* bad.
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For the most part, I am a fan of the lack of periods in initialisms/acronyms. I think NBA looks better than N.B.A., for example. But sometimes it can lead to confusion, such as in this headline I just found:


That right there is a good question.
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I keep having to correct this, so I'm putting it here instead of stabbing my Purple Pen of Doom through my lovely 22" flat-screen monitor.

The Subjective Case

-- A penguin rang the doorbell.

-- Bob asked me who rang the doorbell.

The Objective Case

-- I gave a herring to the penguin.
-- It was the penguin to whom I gave the fish.

Remember (reposting a joke I first posted in January 2008):

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Objective case.

Objective case who?

*No*! Objective case "whom"!
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-- New icon courtesy of [personal profile] lanning. I just couldn't resist the adorable mousie with his adorable teddy bear.

-- A thought question: Who would steal a bottle of hand lotion, a pair of scissors, and a small bag of chocolate off my desk at work but leave the stuff that's actually worth money?

-- Yesterday on the bus in the morning, I saw a young lady take up four seats all by herself (one for herself, one for her feet, and one each for her two bags).

-- The word is "supposedly," not "supposably." Please make a note of it.

-- When did it become assumed that if *you* bump into *me*, I'm the one expected to apologize?

-- [personal profile] mabfan and I have wonderful friends who are generous with their time and their resources.

-- Knitting while commuting is much more difficult when my fingers are encased in my gloves.

-- A book I originally ordered in September 2007 has *finally* shipped and should arrive today or tomorrow. This makes me happy, as it's a book I've been quite eager to read.

-- There's a radio ad (for some government program) in which I know the voiceover voice, but I just can't place it. It bugs me every time I hear the ad.
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I was reading an article in the Boston Globe this morning about a school bus driver being fired for disciplining a student on the bus. The article discusses, in part, other bus drivers who were disciplined for one reason or another. And then there's this paragraph:

Last year, state lawmakers renewed calls for requiring monitors on school buses or for bus drivers to be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation after a 5-year-old Marlborough boy choked on a school bus and died.

(emphasis mine)

I realize it's a tragic incident, but I couldn't help giggle at the visual.
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This morning, I was listening to the radio, and the newscaster said that the jury "lowered the gauntlet" on Ted Stevens.

I'd hoped this was an isolated slip of the tongue (combining lowered the boom and threw the gauntlet), but, no, this usage is spread more widely*.

The problem? I'm now picturing Ted Stevens with a gauntlet on his head.

*If you are wondering about the -discount in that search, it is due to Amazon apparently discounting a game called The Gauntlet, and so a page talking about the lowering of the price popped up and messed with my numbers.
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This afternoon, I found myself, in an e-mail conversation with a coworker, referencing the Hideous Cheese Blunder )
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I appreciate your desire for children to learn about music -- specifically Mozart -- at a young age. I also appreciate that you try to make your ad more interesting by framing it as a breakfast cereal commercial. It makes it a bit more interesting than other PSAs. However...

"Impactful" is not a standard American English word. It is yet another piece of "bizspeak" that has made it out of the corporate sphere (where it should have died a quick death) and crossed into mainstream usage.

And it makes me cringe every single time.

Because the message it gives is, "We want our children to learn about music, but we don't care if they learn incorrect English."

Are you sure this is the lesson you wish to convey?

A stickler who listens to the radio
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From an apartment listing:

Local attractions= Positioned beautiful in the Lower Allston area, centrally located between Harvard Square and Commonwealth Ave. Tons of great restraints, store fronts and local Allston culture.
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-- My post about the No on #1 sign was apparently picked up by both Universal Hub and the Brookline TAB blog, so welcome to anyone who's wandered over here from there.

-- [personal profile] ragingpixie asked for a photo of the tastiest thing in my fridge or pantry, but at the moment all she'd get is a photo of aluminum pans (containing baked ziti and chocolate carrot cake cupcakes), so I think I'll hold off until I cook something more photogenic.

-- Speaking of photos, I took this one this morning:

Do Not Disgard...

-- I've discovered that the most convenient place to store the cable needle I'm using to make the scarf in my icon when I'm between bits that require it is between my teeth. I'm trying to decide how odd that is.

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