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In this week's column, Muffin and Squeaker go to the movies, Michael and I finally see "Frozen," and I briefly hate Disney movies.
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(I missed Friday night and will be missing Sunday and Monday nights, but I intend to do this as much as possible this year... bear with me...)
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As [personal profile] mabfan puts it in the column, We're Back!. Come read the new column and catch up with us!


Nov. 19th, 2013 06:57 pm
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I've been dabbling in fanfiction again ("Glee," with one could-be-considered-wackadoodle crossover that is "Glee"/"Sports Night"). Would there be interest in my posting any of it here? Alternatively, I could just post the links to AO3 here.

(I should have made this a poll. But then I'd have to think of a "Narf" question.)
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My internal monologue:

I wrote a Thing!
I posted a Thing!
People like the Thing!
Meep! I need to write another Thing!
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That rush of fear at the sudden realization that you've contradicted yourself between the main story you're writing and the outtake you've written to get it out of your brain but that doesn't fit into the main story, and then the relief you feel when you realize that no one other than a trusted friend has seen either piece yet.
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Early interactions:
Beta: I think it might work better if you rearrange this and do this and change this. What do you think?

Later interactions:
Beta: Change this. You know I'm right.
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...for Caffrey-Burke Day.

Title: She Observes the Affairs of Her Household and Does Not Eat the Bread of Idleness
Author: Nomi
Rating: G
Spoilers: None whatsoever
Warnings: None, aside than for much Talmudic geekery
Word count: ~900
Beta: None. I'm flying by the seat of my pants skirt on this one
Notes: Written for Caffrey-Burke Day 2013. Thanks to [ profile] rabidchild for coming up with the observance in honor of the debut of "White Collar" on 23 October 2009. This is a sequel to my effort from last year, "A Value Beyond Pearls."

This way to the story )
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A coworker friend of mine just told me about this project, and my first thought was "Wow. Neal would have a *field day* planning a job in that building. But how would he convince Peter that Korea should be in his radius?"
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Every year on 1 September, the Boston/Brookline/Brighton area gets new fauna. It is very temporary and very annoying. Come with me on a short survey tour of the new fauna. They can only be seen for a couple of days (thank goodness)!
Many Different Types )
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[Poll #1928792]
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(Scene: Tonight we are hosting dinner for two couples and their kids. Tomorrow, one of the couples we are hosting tonight is hosting lunch for all of us. I was in the kitchen finishing up making the chocolate chip cookie bars that are our donation to tomorrow's lunch.)

Me: I think that we should try to get [our dinner guests] to take home tomorrow's dessert.

[personal profile] mabfan: That's a brilliant idea.

Me: You think we should?

[personal profile] mabfan: I think you're brilliant.

Me: You think I'm pretty without any makeup on? You think I'm funny when I tell the punchline wrong?

[personal profile] mabfan: Is that from something?
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Is there anyone out there who meets the following criteria:

1. Knows "Sports Night" well enough to beta a fic based on it.
2. Knows "Glee" well enough to beta a fic based on it.
3. Is willing to beta a ~2100-word story

I've been having a lot of trouble finding someone who fits both 1 and 2. If you are that person, I would really appreciate your help.
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To post unbeta'ed or not to post unbeta'ed, that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler online to suffer the slings and arrows of snarky comments
Or to take arms against a sea of unnecessary commas
And through Track Comments end them?

(a ponderance as I approach what I believe is the end of this thing I'm writing.)
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A question that was randomly bouncing around my head recently: when did RPF/RPS become something people wrote? I don't remember it being a big thing in the fandoms I was active in when fandoms mostly hung out on USENET. And up until (probably) the time period of the beginnings of the UPN/WB/CW fandoms, I don't remember it having such a presence in the fandom landscape. Part of my brain thinks it may have started in earnest when bandom became a thing, but I may be totally making that up.

Anyone have any more specific memories?
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that a conversation with [personal profile] mabfan suddenly sends me down the rabbit hole of "Well, maybe Coulson was sent undercover by Colonel Fury to buy CSC to be a cover for the planning around the origins of the Avengers? Having a New York television station in your arsenal is not necessarily a bad thing..."

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