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Our latest The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch was supposed to run on last Friday as usual, but due to a production error, it ran on Saturday instead and has just been re-featured this morning. So for those of you who missed it...

I wrote a column that definitely lives up to the name The Brookline Parent, as I talk about the fun we had entertaining the kids in Brookline last Sunday (November 18). Come to think of it, we took the kids around Brookline a lot this past Thanksgiving weekend as well...

Go read A Grand Day Out to learn how we entertained Muffin and Squeaker locally.
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Last week, [ profile] mabfan asked friends online if he and I should take Muffin and Squeaker to the polls with us on Election Day, and everyone came back with a resounding YES to the idea. So, in this week's The Brookline Parent column on Brookline Patch, he discusses how it went, but he also takes the long view of continuing the family tradition of voting. If you'd like to find out both how he has a family connection to a former presidential candidate, and what happens when a preschooler tantrums on the way to the polls, check it out. Click to read Voting as Family Tradition.
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This week in The Brookline Parent, I discuss a recent incident in which Muffin appeared to feel bullied at school. This wasn't something [personal profile] mabfan and I were quite expecting to have to deal with at such a young age, but we thought it might be helpful to others if we talked about what happened and how we dealt with it. Also, Muffin herself asked us to write this week's column about it. Click to read Shutting Down the Bully Pulpit.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, [ profile] mabfan discusses the phenomenon of Muffin and Squeaker voluntarily doing cleanup tasks that are not required of them while simultaneously being stubborn about putting their toys and other strewn objects away. Click to read Clean Up Time.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, I recap our visit on Sunday to the inaugural Brookline Day celebration. Find out about Muffin's quest for a balloon and what happens when you find the golden egg. Click to read A Brookline Day Adventure.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent, I discuss how I started having Muffin and Squeaker help me in the kitchen and the types of tasks they like to help me with. Click to read Cooking with Kids.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent, we celebrate our fiftieth column by looking back at the previous 49 columns and what topics most caught our attention during the past almost two years. Click to read Fifty First Drafts.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, Michael discusses how we have introduced Muffin and Squeaker to the idea of superheroes and how we deal with the inevitable questions about bad guys and good guys. Click to read Up in the Sky! Superheroes!
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In today's The Brookline Parent column, I discuss how [personal profile] mabfan and I have tried to get Muffin and Squeaker interested in science. I also mention some of the national efforts to keep girls interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Click to read Stop! In the Name of Science!.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, Michael discusses our recent visit to the Boston University Child Language Lab. Click here to read "Muffin, Squeaker, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here."
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Busy weekend:

-- Made pizza for Shabbat dinner (well, pre-Shabbat dinner, since the girlies go to bed right after candle lighting this time of year).

-- Made chicken salad (recipe made up totally on the fly) for Shabbat lunch.

-- Made yummy, yummy potato salad to go with the aforementioned chicken salad.

-- Hosted new community member named Josh for lunch. Squeaker was heard to say later "I like new Josh!"

-- Lunch went long and segued into afternoon gathering with [profile] aunt_becca and her family. Her B and Muffin and Squeaker had a fun playdate in our living room since it was too hot to go out to the park.

-- Early-Sunday-morning wakeup by small girlies led to sleepiness for whole family but did not cancel...

-- Sunday morning playdate in the park with H, son of [personal profile] vettecat and [profile] sdavido.

-- Trip to Public Library of Brookline to take advantage of summer Sunday hours. Spent two hours in the library.

-- Stop for ice cream at JP Licks, at which we ran into a friend.

-- Extremely tired girls went to bed relatively smoothly. ***Note the ironic foreshadowing.

-- Finally gave in and joined Facebook.

-- Watched the season premiere of Leverage.

-- Neglected to either write or knit while watching TV.

-- Sleep interrupted by small girls. Awake 3:30-5:45 or so.

-- Saw sun rise for first time since Squeaker figured out sleeping through the night.
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In this morning's The Brookline Parent column, I discuss the ins and outs of our juggling Muffin and Squeaker's schedule around [personal profile] mabfan's and my work schedule when we don't have our babysitter. Click to read Summer Scheduling Blues.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, [ profile] mabfan discusses just *why* he and I are so exhausted this week. (Spoiler: it was Muffin and Squeaker's fault.)

Click to read In Sickness and In Sleep (or Lack Thereof).
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In today's The Brookline Parent column, I discuss the length of the girls' hair and the decision -- driven by Squeaker -- to give them haircuts. Click to read Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.
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In today's Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan discusses how we try to give Muffin and Squeaker opportunities to socialize through playmates. Click to read Occupy Playdates.
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In today's The Brookline Parent column, I discuss the questions that Muffin and Squeaker ask as they learn about the world around them. I also talk about how we try to ensure that their learning the answers to these questions is done as safely as possible. Click to read The Hows and the Whys.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan channels his inner Sam Seaborn in "Celestial Navigation" and is nuts about dental hygiene. Read about the trials and tribulations of trying to get the girls to care for their teeth, and how Sesame Street helped us, in Nothing But the Tooth.
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Based on the suggestion of a friend on Google+, I started looking on the 1940 Census pages for various addresses that are important in my life. One I couldn't find at all -- the town in which I grew up does not even seem to be on the census. But I did find our current home, and I discovered that in 1940 the residents were a woman and her female partner (that's how she's described on the Census form). They were in their mid-60s, and they had lived there since at least 1935.
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This morning (a day early, due to tomorrow being the seventh day of Pesach and therefore a yom tov), our The Brookline Parent column discusses Muffin and Squeaker's experiences preparing for Pesach and then at the Seder. Click to read It Was, In Fact, Just About Enough for Us.
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In this week's The Brookline Parent column, [personal profile] mabfan addresses Squeaker's new fear based on something imaginary and discusses the real-life fears we as parents face. Click to read Snakes in a Crib.

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